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Stop Thinking and Start Doing with Adi Arezzini, CEO of Teami

“Stop thinking and start doing! Fear and self doubt come when you’re thinking, not when you’re doing.” - Adi Arezzini

Adi Arezzini is co-founder and CEO of Teami, a lifestyle brand centered around using all-natural, plant-based ingredients - like premium loose-leaf teas - to help customers live happier, healthier lives. Teami’s product line ranges from wellness blends to tea-infused skincare.

From a young age, Adi was taught the benefits of holistic health and plant-based eating by her health-conscious mother. At 19, Adi served as a combat trainer for the Israel Defense Force, and later, after returning home to Florida, qualified as a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. After years of life in the army barracks, Adi realized her gut wasn’t functioning properly, due to a lack of access to quality nutrition. Despite trying different diets, supplements and more, nothing seemed to help with her lagging digestive system, inability to go to the bathroom and painful bloating.

Soon Adi began experimenting with loose leaf tea blends as a natural remedy. These high quality teas Adi made uncovered the root of her problem: an excess of toxins built up in her digestive tract. After realizing her “secret sauce” blend also solved similar digestion issues with her friends, Adi saw the potential and began looking to different varieties of tea to combat other common issues: fatigue, depleted immune system, stress and insomnia. Researching, creating, blending and sourcing these teas wasn’t just a passion for Adi, it because her purpose and, soon, her expertise.

At just 23, Adi created Teami in her mother’s bedroom. She saw Teami as a way to help people becom ehealthier and happier, with teas to solve everyday issues.

Today, Adi has since grown the lifestyle tea brand to include tea-infused beauty oils and green tea mask + scrub. Teami is quickly outgrowing their 13,000 square foot office-warehouse hybrid located in Seminole, Florida and is sold nationally at Ulta Beauty, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Vitamin World, Riley Rose and more as well as online at 

We explore these hot topics!

  • The importance of consistency & getting into action
  • How leadership skills develop over time
  • What she looks for in new hires 
  • Tackling your to-do list with a solid win first
  • What she’s learned throughout 5 years of growing her business
  • And why you need to GO ALL IN!



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