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Colon Cleanse Tea Blend
Victor Calixto (Dallas, US)

Colon Cleanse Tea Blend

Tea Infused Konjac Sponges
K.B. (Cookstown, US)
Age: 45-54
Skin type: Combination
Skin Concerns: Anti-aging, Dryness, Dullness, Pores
Green Tea sponge

I absolutely love this sponge. I’ve only used it twice but I can already feel the difference in my skin.

MIXit Portable Smoothie Blender
M.L. (Philadelphia, US)

Me encanto

Gut Love Probiotic + Prebiotic Powder
Vicki Desmond (Salt Lake City, US)
Getting healthy

I've loved the products I've used so far, greens, gut love, collagen and I just finished a 4-day cleanse. I'd give there product a 10.

Wellness Support Gummy Bundle
Michelle Pringle (Medford, US)
Teami Blends Gummies

I had the Sleep and Immunity from a subscription (Fab Fit Fun) and I loved them! I went onto Teami Blends to get more and I chose 4: the Sleep/Destress (definitely helps!), Detox/Digestion (I take after dinner), Immunity/Antioxidant (I'm a 3rd grade teacher & I need protection from those germs), and Beauty & Collagen (because I need all the help I can get at 50!). They taste delicious! Do they work? I don't know for sure, but I don't take vitamins so this is my way of taking vitamins- the ones I feel I need for "me." They are supplements to aid in my healthy diet, exercise & sleep each day :) I DO recommend!!

Gut Love Probiotic + Prebiotic Powder
M.S. (Buzzards Bay, US)
The bloat is gone!!

Absolutely in LOVE with this product. I’ve struggled with bloating for a while now and this product has help tremendously!😍

Superfood Moisturizer, Lightweight Daily Cream
Raymond DiPaolo (Cleveland, US)
Amazing line of products

Love the superfood cleanser my face feels so clean and refreshed. Superfood moisturizer,light and hydrated and the Green tea face scrub really helps to regulate face tone great products I would recommend Teami' products

Berry Best Bundle
RENEE JOHNALLY (West Palm Beach, US)
Great Taste!!

I've been using the wellness protein gut love and collagen every morning and i feel great...I'm definitely sticking with these for breakfast.

Teami Tea Tumbler 20 oz
M.L. (Philadelphia, US)

Excelente vaso para el té, aunque se me enfría muy rápido lo ame, es muy hermoso.

Gut Love Probiotic + Prebiotic Powder
Martha Rosas (El Paso, US)
Vitamin c

Wow it’s the best
I love it
I been used for years

Belly Balance Bundle
Chelsea Ardis (Detroit, US)
Great Brand

Been using the bloat banish vitamins for a few months now and they have made such a difference for me throughout the day. I also love the superfoods blends powder and the gut love pre/probiotics

Detox Starter Pack
Quinla ONeill (Green Cove Springs, US)
Teami's Amazing Products!!!

I love these amazing Teami products! I am a frequent customer who loves how these products work and taste. Get you some today! :-)

Renew Eye Cream
Jana Shaw (Queens, US)

I like the facial scrub and the under eye cream

Even my husband Loves them!!

In my home we are always looking for something to use that is affective but does not make it feel impossible to wake up for work.
These Gummies are amazing!! They are so easy to take and they do the job without feeling drowsy after half an hour. In the morning I am able to wake up without groggy. My husband sneaked a couple one night because he has more trouble sleeping than I and now all he keeps asking is when I am going to buy them. They also taste great!! Highly Recommend!!

30 Day Detox Pack
Erica (Brooklyn, US)
Love this!!

I’ve used this product quite a few times and I’m never disappointed. It’s my favorite

Detox Starter Pack
denise sewell (Ontario, US)

Postpartum 5 months it was time to detox. Love the teas I drink skinny on the mornings after waking abs colon right before bed time. Drink lots of water in between. Gets rid of bloating and fupa has gone down in size. Awesome sauce!

Green Tea Cleanse & Detox Kit
Momma Bear (Tustin, US)
Age: 35-44
Skin type: Combination
Skin Concerns: Acne, Dark spots, Dryness, Oiliness, Pores, Sensitivity
Perfect for all Skin types

Everyone uses the face scrub and detox max. The products are perfect for all skin types from 10yr-38yrs.
It leaves your skin feeling great and smooth.

Bright, Dark Spot Serum
Maria Jaramillo (Matlock, US)

Bright, Dark Spot Serum

Reds Superfruit Powder
Sarahi Dominguez (Ridgeland, US)
Los Mejores Productos!!

Lleno mucho tiempo usando los productos y son muy buenos y la mejor calidad

Greens Superfood Powder
Michelle Affleck (Coquitlam, CA)
Best Greens for Smoothies!

Love having Teami Greens in my morning smoothies! It's refreshing and also is so nice to know that I've started my day with a good dose of greens (in a very easy and convenient way). I've looked at other greens powders but this one is by far my fave :)

Overnight Sleep Mask
Maria Alvarado (Lawrenceville, US)
Wellness protein

I love it 🥰
Makes me full and it tastes amazing

Gut Love Probiotic + Prebiotic Powder
Anna Rabkin (Brighton, US)

Gut Love Probiotic + Prebiotic Powder

Great mild way to get rid of bloat.

I decided to try this and am glad I did. I was getting painful period cramping and bloating. I tried this and immediately could feel the difference. It’s mild so keeps you regular without any urgent bathroom needs. It even makes me feel like my bladder empties more fully if that makes sense. Anyways I haven’t had those debilitating period cramps since. Had my 21 year old son try it. He’s an athlete so consumes a lot of protein which can make him bloat and he likes it as well so I sent him back to college with some. One thing I will say for me at least is it definitely makes me gassy 🤣 but it’s not anything that would be embarrassing out in public that you can’t control. Anyways I take this several times a week and have stocked up as it actually works for me. The berry is a very mild flavor. I just drink it quickly before dinner which I feel also makes me eat less and get full faster as well. I can feel the difference if I don’t take it for awhile and love how quickly it works. It’s literally almost immediate (I.e. the gas I was talking about).

Greens & Gut Love
Nailah (Guelph, CA)
So Far So Good!

I've been taking it for about a 1½ weeks and I love it! The combo of the Greens and Gut Love is perfect for me, as I get bloated so easily and I don't eat as much greens as I'd like. This helps motivate me to add more fruits and veggies in my drinks and make them smoothies. Will definitely get more!

MIXit Portable Smoothie Blender
Mai Nguyen (Lawrenceville, US)
MIXit Blender

I love this blender so much! It’s so convenient to use and clean. I use it almost every day. I highly recommend it!

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