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Colon Cleanse Tea Blend
Yarnack Thomas
Teami detox

Teami has been a life saver during my journey to becoming healthy

Butterfly Tea

It's becoming my Fave...I drink it everyday with some apple cider vinegar and can tell a difference in my face complexion when I go without it for awhile. I love it!

Love the product

Renew Eye Cream
Rosa Hernandez
Love Teami!!!

Teami has THE BEST products! Skin products I can not live without. My daily routine is Teami & I now have my daughter addicted! And to tell you that we have very different skin types! We do have different routines, BUT 100% Teami! Thank you Teami for helping us looking good!

Butterfly Toner Mist
Tiffany Thurwalker
Age: 45-54
Skin type: Dry
Skin Concerns: Acne, Anti-aging, Dryness, Dullness
Vitamin C Serum

This stuff leaves my skin feeling so soft and it glows. I use it in the morning and in the evening. Love this stuff!

Repair Facial Oil
Steph Wise
Age: 35-44
Skin type: Normal
Skin Concerns: Dark spots, Pores
Great Products!

I have been using Teami products for over a year now. From wellness powders, to skin care products, teas, and vitamins.
I am very pleased with everyone of them! They have good ingredients and I have seen a change in my health and skin! I recommend you give them a try!

Skinny Tea Blend
Great products

Everything I have tried from Teami Blends is great. Love the Teami Skinny

Not the same formula

This new formula is not the same, I have been using this moisturizer for almost a year and loved it, had to order a new bottle since I finished it, as soon as I opened it I notice it’s not the same. It has a different color, different smell, and different consistency. Can you bring back the old formula this is not what us customers are paying for, and I noticed on other reviews that am not the only one noticing this since it is pretty noticeable that this product is completely different. Face skin care is very important to everyone and buying an item expecting it to be the one that has been working great for your skin and receiving something completely different from what it used to be it’s frustrating.

Age: 35-44
Skin type: Combination
Skin Concerns: Dark spots, Dryness, Pores
Vitamin D

This vitamin is awesome my skin is very soft and shine.

Product is great. The company contacted me and offered a substitution since they didn't have the exact of what I wanted. They also sent me a gift item for the slight delay. Much appreciated.

Great product!

I bought the gummies for Detox and Digestion and they are gentle on your stomach work very well. They don't have a bad taste. I also got the Immunity and Antioxidant and hard to tell if it's working since I just started taking it but the taste is also great.

Great matcha flavor

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I love that natural matcha flavor. I'll be buying a second time.

My friend loved it

Grow and Glow

These vitamins are wonderful! I will always use them. Thank you for great vitamins for my hair ❤️

Chai Tea Blend
Meredith Kinnison

I received the Chai Tea free from my points/rewards.

So glad I chose it. It is great on its own, and I can also make the most delicious Chai Tea Latte. Better than Starbucks!

The bags are also potent enough to use 2-3 times!

the best product

This colon tea is the best natural product what works instantly. I have been using it for over 5 years now and I love it.
Your body will be clean and healthy and you will feel great!

Skinny Tea Blend
Shellie Santerelli
Teami Skinny

Best tea ever for curbing your appetite and beating the bloat.

30 Day Detox Pack
Annelise Atlante
love the package

excellent package , love the presentation and the flavor


Absolutely amazing!! I feel so much lighter when I take these. Everything from Teami is always outstanding!

OBSESSED is the perfect word to describe how I feel about this face wash. 12/10. You should’ve purchased it yesterday!

Good product

The best matcha!

I’ve tried other kinds of matcha but always come back to Teami’s! It’s the best and tastes great.

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