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Fall Weight Loss Tips & Inspiration


The Fall season is full of snuggles, family time and putting cinnamon on basically everything (we know we're not the only ones!) 

With all of the fun events happening around this time of year, we're giving you 3 tips to help you stay happy & healthy this season! Plus, some amazing Teami Transformations from our 30 Day Detox to keep you inspired and feeling amazing for the rest of the year! 


Tip #1:


Protect: Drink Teami Profit throughout the day to strengthen your immune system and help prevent getting the seasonal sniffles! This blend is packed with all the vitamins & minerals you need to stay healthy, happy, and productive this season! Plus, it tastes super yummy!


Tip #2:

HydrateWhen the weather starts to cool down outside, our bodies are at a cooler temperature and it FEELS like we aren’t thirsty, when we actually should be drinking LOTS of water! Our recommendation is fill your fav color Tumbler and infuse it with your favorite fruits. We just made these amazing recipes for you to make your water more fun!


Tip #3:


Sleep: as the days are getting shorter and darker through the Fall season, it is important to spend more time winding down and sleeping more. Take advantage of this season and get 8+ hours of sleep a night! Dont forget to try our Teami Relax before bed! You'll be sure to get the best night's sleep with this delicious, smooth blend! 


Who's feeling super inspired after seeing these incredible before & after photos?!

Our 30 Day Detox is the perfect way to stay on track with your goals and still enjoy all that the Fall season has to offer! All you have to do is drink our Teami Skinny in the morning, and our Teami Colon every other night! Not only will you see the results you want, but you will feel absolutely amazing!

What are you waiting for?! Get your 30 Day Detox today and take the next step in your health & wellness goals!

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