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Ways to Naturally Increase Your Energy Levels

Are you sick of feeling tired all the time? Wondering how to increase energy levels is a common concern these days as more and more people spend their afternoons fading into a slump that they seemingly never recover from.

Everyone is used to feeling tired after a long day at work, but a chronic, low-grade energy drain can be even more damaging. If you aren’t suffering from the flu but still feel like your energy levels are eternally tanked, it might be time to research ways how to increase energy levels so that you can perk yourself back up when necessary.

The Importance of a High Energy Level

Staying active and energetic is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Studies report that a lack of physical activity can lead to depression, weight gain, and lower motivation to do your best work. So, if you find yourself constantly choosing a nap over a workout, it’s time to address the reason for your exhaustion and bolster up your energy levels.

Causes of Low Energy

Most instances of midday exhaustion can be linked to lifestyle factors like your use of alcohol or drugs, a low-quality diet, lack of sleep or physical exercise, side effects from your medication or even undiagnosed medical conditions. If low energy is impacting your life, it’s important to understand how to increase energy levels so that you can get back on top of your symptoms and prevent yourself from dealing with more significant problems in the future.

15 Best Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels

It’s easier than you think to up your stamina and improve how you feel each day. These tips are a great place to get started.

1. Eat Iron-Rich Foods

This essential micronutrient is what your body uses to produce energy from glucose, which is the primary fuel source for both your body and your brain. Without an adequate iron supply, you’ll feel yourself fading fast. Take a daily iron supplement to alleviate the problem, or, better yet, fill up on iron-rich foods like red meat, fish, chicken, eggs, whole grains, and leafy greens like kale and spinach.

2. Take a Walk Outside

Sometimes all it takes to break up the tedium of your day is some time in the fresh air to wake up your senses and restore you to alert. Don’t be ashamed to walk away from your cubicle to take a quick walk around the block so that you can wake up. Your productivity will probably benefit from the process.

If leaving your desk isn’t an option, consider learning some ‘office workout’ techniques that will prevent you from feeling stiff and falling into a stupor over the afternoon.

3. Boost Your B Vitamins

This comprehensive range of essential vitamins are responsible for fueling your body with the carbs, proteins, and fats it needs to function without fatigue, so taking a daily B-multivitamin is a good idea if you don’t get enough from wholegrain foods or fish and poultry.

4. Master the Power Nap

You might feel like napping is a sign of failure because you are giving into your fatigue, but the truth is that studies show that a well-timed power nap can reverse the effects of information overload, help you retain what you’ve learned, and even improve your output over an entire day. Anything from 25 to 60 minutes seems to be ideal, any longer and you might get too drowsy.

5. Find Healthy Outlets for Your Stress

Few things are more exhausting than living with chronic stress, so finding ways to keep your levels under control can work wonders for your productivity each day. Spend some time each morning journaling, meditating, or even working out, and you will find that your stress means to fall off your shoulders, leaving you with more energy to tackle the cause of your stress in the first place.

6. Check Your Thyroid Function

If you are inexplicably low on energy on a regular basis, the problem might stem from your thyroid. Visiting your doctor will let you take a blood test to learn if you are experiencing problems with your thyroid that are contributing to your symptoms.

7. Up Your Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is often considered an anti-stress nutrient, and for a good reason! This mineral is found in whole, healthy foods like beans, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical processes in your body, including turning glucose into easy energy. This means that letting your levels dip can lead to lower energy than average.

8. Choose Complex Carbs

If you don’t monitor the quality of carbs you eat each day, you are likely to send your body through cycles of sugar highs and crashes as it processes these ingredients, leaving you feeling depleted. A better idea is to fill up on complex carbs like brown rice and whole grains so that you don’t wear yourself out from uneven energy levels.

9. Get Enough Sleep

Eight hours of sleep should be the bare minimum for healthy adults, as rest is the time when your cells can process the protein they need to repair themselves. Likewise, a lack of sleep will make it harder for you to concentrate during the day and even weaken your immune system.

10. Say No To Sugar

Simple carbs have already been established as bad news for your body, but an even better idea is to avoid sugary foods altogether. Staying away from sweets will keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day, which will stop you from fading when the impact of your snack wears off.

11. Take Spirulina

Freshwater algae might sound like a strange cure for fatigue, but this unique food source is filled with essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc. Adding just a few teaspoons to your daily smoothie can ensure your energy levels stay high.

12. Have Lower Caffeine

As much as you might want to rely on that afternoon cup of coffee to wake up each day, it’s not a good habit to get into. Caffeine stimulates stress hormone production in your body, which tempers the energy boost it provides with anxiety and irritability. 

A better idea? Stick to lower- caffeine teas like Teami Energy instead. It was created to help you feel naturally energized, active and ready to take on the day by using only the highest grade, all-natural ingredients. This delicious blend gives sustainable energy at a slow-releasing rate, which avoids the spike and crash effect

13.   Don't Skip Breakfast

You might not consider yourself a morning person, but a healthy breakfast is still one of the best ways to start your day out right. People who fill up on breakfast  tend to begin their day in a better mood and have higher energy levels during the day, helping you fight off feelings of midday exhaustion.

Our breakfast recipes are sure to change up your usual routine and energize you for the day!

14.  Drink More Water

Caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate your cells, but drinking plenty of water will keep you in better health. Thirst is often a leading cause of fatigue, so carrying a water bottle around with you might prove to be the best way to perk yourself up during a sleepy time.

Try infusing your water with fruit to give a sweeter and easier taste!

15.  Have a Power Snack

The right food at the correct time will make all the difference in your daily energy levels. Plan on filling up on some protein in the middle of the day, and consider pairing the snack with some Teami Focus, a tea blended with 11 natural ingredients that are designed to bring out your best work every single day.

Boost Your Energy for Better Health

Knowing how to increase energy levels each day isn’t easy, but these tips are designed to give you a place to start. Start incorporating them into your daily life, and you might be surprised how much better you feel each day without fatigue holding you back.

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