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7 Best Teas for Energy & Being Naturally Focused

When it comes to waking ourselves up and feeling energized, coffee can be the go-to drink for many.

However, coffee isn't the only way to boost your energy levels, and many types of tea can give that extra pick me up you may need, whether it's in the morning or later in the day.

Green Teas

Green tea at a glance is already a powerhouse. It contains plenty of nutrients that can help boost the immune system and lower blood pressure, to name a few of its benefits. Additionally, it's one of the best when it comes to staying alert and helping with weight loss.

Green teas have a moderate amount of caffeine that falls between the white and black varieties. Many green teas also contain L-theanine, an amino acid, which the body can effectively use as a source of caffeine.

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Green Tea leavs

Yerba Maté

If you do want caffeine levels comparable to coffee, yerba maté is your best bet. This type of tea comes from the leaves of an Argentinian rainforest tree, and its caffeine levels fall between the average cup of coffee and a serving of black tea, which just so happens to be the most caffeine-loaded of the "true teas."

Yerba maté doesn't stop being beneficial at its caffeine level; it also has various vitamins and minerals that can help provide multiple health benefits besides being one of the best morning tea for energy. Overall, this tea makes for an excellent alternative to coffee, and it can help you take the first steps to ween off caffeine from high levels of intake.

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Matcha is a Japanese style of green tea, in which whole tea leaves are ground into a fine powder, and then mixed with boiling water. Matcha has roughly seventy milligrams of caffeine per eight ounce serving, which helps boost your energy levels. Because of how it is prepared, one of the key benefits of matcha is the sheer volume of antioxidants it has over other types of green teas on its own.

Matcha can also make for an excellent post-workout drink, as studies suggest that it may help with fat oxidation during exercise, and the caffeine levels can help those who exercise in the morning.

matcha green tea powder

Peppermint Teas

Peppermint oil on its own has many benefits, with the aroma alone having the capability to help reduce daytime sleepiness when used for aromatherapy. Other studies show that peppermint can also help reduce overall fatigue.

Since peppermint teas generally don't contain any caffeine, you can gain a boost without having to worry about the lingering effects on your body.

You can find peppermint in a few of our tea blends such as our Profit Tea and Focus Tea.

Peppermint Tea may also help alleviate menstrual cramps and headaches. No wonder it's one of the most common herbal varieties around!

peppermint leaves

Black Teas

While green tea is a powerful contender in the “teas for energy” category, black teas have the highest caffeine levels of all the "true teas," thanks to the long fermentation time when preparing the leaves. Naturally, that factor means it provides a decent energy boost—but only at half the amount of caffeine present in a cup of coffee, which puts you at far less risk for the jitters.

Black teas can come in all sorts of varieties, including flavor-infused options for a bit of a twist. Overall, black tea also has small amounts of the amino acid L-theanine, which once again helps your body process the caffeine better. You can find many other beneficial nutrients in these blends as well, especially if combined with other ingredients.

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black tea leaves

White Teas

While white teas aren't as high in caffeine levels as the other "true" varieties, these drinks can still provide a subtle energy boost. White teas go through less processing, which contributes to the caffeine factor—perfect if you want a drink later in the day or aren't a fan of bouncing off the walls.

That processing time contributes to white tea's high level of antioxidants. Additionally, this variety can assist with reducing the risk of heart disease and other illnesses, and some studies even suggest that white teas can help with cancer prevention.

white tea leaves

Ginger Tea

Wrapping up our list of teas that give you energy is the ginger variety. On its own, ginger is a highly recommended food thanks to its health benefits. In particular, its capability to help improve blood flow helps keep energy levels high. Additionally, ginger also contains adrenal catecholamines, which help your body regulate energy consumption.

Along with those factors, drinking ginger tea can also help decrease levels of inflammation and tension in the body. It even can further boost energy and exercise performance, making it a potential option to add to your workout routine—and it wraps up our list of picks for the best tea for energy!

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Drink the Best Teas for a Natural Energy Boost

As you can see, there's no shortage of options that qualify as the best tea for energy. Even the most significant caffeine varieties have less than the average cup of coffee, letting you drink in peace. All that's left is to determine what kind of boost you want, pick a compatible flavor, and enjoy!

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