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Why Teatoxing Cleanses Are Good for People with IBS

About 20% of Americans live with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome every day. More commonly known as IBS, it’s a term used to refer to a collection of symptoms that include bloating, constipation, diarrhea, cramping, and general abdominal pain.

What makes IBS more unpleasant is that many people have a hard time finding a solution. Although the research is ongoing, and there isn’t yet a cure for this, there are definitely things that have proven to relieve these symptoms for sufferers. One of those things is teatoxing.

Many teas, due to their herbal content, diarrhetic qualities, and nutritional value, aid the body in removing the toxins that contribute to the many symptoms of IBS. If you’re looking for a way to relieve your IBS symptoms, teatoxing could be the best thing to try, and here’s everything you need to know about why that is...

Teatox with lemon and mint, perfect for IBS

What Causes IBS?

Just as IBS produces many symptoms, it is also produced by a variety of contributing factors. You could know five different people with IBS, and all five might have it from different causes. It might surprise you to know that those causes don’t include diet or stress level, which can certainly contribute to or alleviate symptoms but doesn’t cause them.

While there can be several factors that lead to IBS, here are some of the main issues that contribute to its development:

Food Sensitivity or Allergies

Sometimes food allergies can cause the symptoms of IBS to appear, so it’s important to have testing done if you suspect you are allergic to a particular food and eliminate it from your diet if the test proves positive.

However, some are simply sensitive to certain foods, which means it won’t show up on an allergy test. For example, if you are sensitive to dairy, but not allergic to it, you may be experiencing IBS symptoms more severely when you have a higher dairy intake, but not at all if you go a while without having it.

Bacteria Imbalance in the Gut

Your body produces bacteria, and that’s a good thing! Your body needs good bacteria to keep it healthy and build your immune system. However, there are also bad bacteria, and when this starts attacking your gut, the symptoms of IBS can ensue.

Your gastrointestinal tract contains trillions of bacterial cells, and when the balance is thrown off, your stomach and intestines aren’t as healthy as they should be. 


Sometimes stomach or intestinal infections, such as giardia or gastroenteritis, can lead to IBS symptoms appearing. This is a more severe instance of bacteria imbalance, and the bacteria causes infection. 

The infection alters the healthy balance of the stomach and intestines, and rather than healing, the body develops ongoing, chronic IBS symptoms. This is typically referred to as post-infectious IBS. 


What is Teatoxing?

Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from a living organism, like the human body. You’ve probably heard this term used in a variety of ways. It’s a versatile word used to describe the process of addiction recovery, sometimes skincare processes, sometimes of internal cleanses, and many more. 

One specific type of detox is teatoxing. Teatoxing involves drinking specific types of tea to target and remove toxins and cleanse your system. When you get rid of these toxins, you make your body healthier from the inside out. The teatoxing process will help restore your body’s functioning, boost your overall energy, and regulate your appetite. 

When it comes specifically to IBS, teatoxing also contributes to healthier digestion and better overall gut health when it removes these harmful toxins from the digestive tract. 

The process of drinking a teatox usually lasts a specific amount of time and is not intended to be used all the time. This 30 Day Tea Detox Pack is a great place to start, alternating Colon tea with our Skinny Tea.

Not only can detoxing with tea help relieve symptoms of IBS, but it also has the added benefits of:


  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Starting the process of fat burning?
  • Improving your complexion
  • Increasing your energy levels?
  • Calming muscle tightness?


So, as you can see, if you suffer from IBS, not only can your teatox provide relief from your symptoms, it can improve your health in many other ways as well. Furthermore, one of the most helpful things you can do for IBS is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. These added benefits of teatoxing contribute to those very things.


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