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Top Ways to Reduce & Relieve Bloating Fast

Feeling bloated? Everyone has been there. Stomach pain, gas, bloating - these uncomfortable problems in your abdomen can affect your ability to go about your normal activities and enjoy your day.

Bloating occurs when gas or air gets trapped in your abdomen. It can also occur due to fluid retention. These things can cause your stomach to become tight and/or larger. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to wear your skinny jeans!

Bloating has many different causes, such as food intolerances, swallowing air, and your menstrual cycle. Fortunately, there are just as many remedies that can help you deal with this annoying and troublesome problem.

1. Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water will help keep your digestive system moving, prevent constipation, and of course keep you hydrated. Sip on water throughout your day to help reduce the gas that causes you to feel bloated.

2. Pick Up Some Potassium

Potassium is a mineral that helps regulate the balance of fluid in your body. Because it relieves water retention from too much salt, potassium is helpful in keeping bloat at bay.

There are a number of delicious high-potassium foods which include bananas, tomatoes, cantaloupe, mangoes, and asparagus. Bananas and tomatoes are easy to digest, while asparagus contains an amino acid called asparagine, which acts as a diuretic and flushes excess fluid from your system.

3. Have a Cup of Colon Tea or Peppermint Tea


Senna leaf is a non-prescription FDA approved laxative and can be consumed in tea. It helps clear the bowel and is used to treat constipation. A colon tea such as Teami Colon can help to rid your body of toxins, aid in digestion and proper food absorption, and its specialty is reducing bloating!

Natural peppermint has long been known for its soothing properties, like Teami Profit. Peppermint relaxes your digestive muscles and helps to reduce spasms in the digestive tract. It also works to prevent cramps.

Have a cup of colon or peppermint tea before, during, or after a meal and enjoy the calming effects and keep things moving.

4. Try Lemon Water


Often when you feel bloated you may tend to avoid fluids, but have you considered the possibility that your body is retaining fluids because you’re dehydrated? So when bloating occurs, it’s time to push the fluids.

Adding some lemon to water is an excellent remedy for bloating because lemons are a natural diuretic and gentle laxative. Try adding lemon to warm water (ice cold water is harder on your digestive system) and take small sips, so you don’t ingest any extra air.

5. Go for a Walk


Probably one of the most effective ways to reduce bloating immediately, taking a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes will give noticeable results right away.

Walking, or pretty much any other kind of cardiovascular activity such as swimming, cycling, jogging, or stair climbing will help to move the gas through your digestive tract. Working up a sweat also helps to release any unnecessary retained fluids.


6. Spit Out Your Gum


It is very possible you are feeling bloated because you are swallowing excess air. Things like chewing gum, drinking through a straw, and talking while eating can cause you to swallow air, which works its way through your GI tract and may end up causing you to feel bloated. Take the time to chew your food thoroughly and let your friend carry the conversation for a few minutes!

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