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10 Low Sugar Fruits You Need to Be Eating Regularly

While it’s true that not all sugar is created equal, it’s still possible to overindulge in the sugar found in fruits. Fruit contains both glucose and fructose, just like processed sugary food does. However, the majority of fruits contain anywhere from 40 to 55 percent fructose, while table sugar contains 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose. 

Fruits contain minerals, vitamins, fiber, and a host of other nutrients. If you’re wondering what fruits are low in sugar, here’s what you need to know:

  • Your liver is the primary organ responsible for metabolizing fructose, which means the sugar won’t elevate your insulin or blood glucose levels. 
  • When fructose metabolizes in your liver, this is generally used to produce fats. 
  • Glucose requires insulin to metabolize. 
  • Your body breaks sugar down the same, regardless if you’re eating a piece of cake or a mango. 
  • The process involved in fruit sugar absorption is much slower because fruit contains fiber. 

In short, while fruit sugar is a much better choice than table sugar, too much of a good thing could still be bad. 

Fruits that are higher on the glycemic index and hit your bloodstream faster have a more noticeable effect on your insulin and blood sugar. Too much fructose at once could not only negatively impact your gut health and exacerbate IBS, but cause an issue for individuals with diabetes.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 low sugar fruits you need to be eating on the regular that are low in sugar and contain minimal calories.

Fruits That Are Low in Sugar 

These lowest sugar fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth with a nutritional boost without compromising your digestive health. Just remember, while all the fruits mentioned here contain anywhere from one to 13 grams of sugar, serving size can make all the difference.


Raspberries contain just about five grams of sugar in every cup, which is only a little over a teaspoon! They contain plenty of fiber to keep you full and ensure your digestive system is moving right on track. Raspberries are a fruit with lowest sugar you’ll want to keep on hand in your refrigerator. 

Lemons and Limes

Get your citrus fix and enjoy an extra tang in your favorite tea or summer drink without making your blood sugar levels skyrocket. Low sugar citrus fruits like lemons and limes contain high levels of vitamin C and have very little sugar. Lemons and limes only have about one or two grams of sugar in each piece of fruit. 


Sweet and juicy blackberries pack a powerful punch of fiber and nutrients, at only seven grams of sugar in every cup. They also contain high levels of antioxidants, so you’ll enjoy an extra boost of immunity without any need to worry about the fruit’s impact on your insulin. 


A fan favorite in the warmer months, strawberries are not only packed with antioxidants, delicious, and taste super sweet, but are also a low sugar fruit. A single cup of raw strawberries contains just around seven grams of sugar while featuring more than 100 percent of the recommended daily intake for vitamin C. 


Another fantastic option for citrus lovers looking for a fruit with low sugar, grapefruits don’t have a super sweet taste but contain just nine grams of sugar in half a grapefruit. The perfect breakfast food to pair with some substantial protein. 


The green and fleshy kiwi fruits low in sugar are actually considered a berry, despite its unusual fuzzy appearance. Kiwis contain high quantities of vitamin C and are very low in sugar. One kiwi contains only six grams of sugar. Some of the fruits lowest in sugar on our list are seasonal. The good news is that you can find kiwis year-round at your local grocery store without a problem. 


A popular summer fruit low in sugar, watermelons are not only a sweet and tasty treat but are surprisingly low on the glycemic index. A single cup of diced watermelon contains less than 10 grams of sugar. Watermelon is also a fantastic source of iron. 


Did you know that cantaloupes are orange because they contain such high amounts of vitamin A? Just one cup of this tasty melon features under 13 grams of sugar. The sugar content in cantaloupe number is a little higher than some of the other fruits mentioned here. However, when you enjoy it in moderation, cantaloupe is among the fantastic fruits with low sugar to incorporate into your diet. 


Peaches are another one of the best low sugar fruits. Even though peaches can have an incredibly sweet taste, the good news is that one medium-sized peach contains under 13 grams of sugar total. So, peaches are still considered a good option for a fruit with the least sugar. 


If you prefer a sweeter citrus option than lemons or limes, oranges are one of the fruits with the lowest sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth without overloading on excess calories. Oranges contain plenty of vitamin C, which is not only fantastic for your immune system but promotes skin and cell health. A regular naval orange contains around 12 grams of sugar and under 70 calories. 

The Best Low Sugar Fruits 

These are just some of the best low sugar fruits you can easily enjoy in your favorite meals and snacks. See how by exploring our recipes, featuring healthy and easy-to-make snacks, smoothies, desserts, meals, and more! And explore our blog posts for the latest tips on health and wellness. 

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