Teami Mermaid Tea Tumbler, Limited Edition

Mermaid Tea Tumbler

Mermaid Tea Tumbler
Mermaid Tea Tumbler
Mermaid Tea Tumbler
Mermaid Tea Tumbler
Mermaid Tea Tumbler
Mermaid Tea Tumbler
Mermaid Tea Tumbler
Mermaid Tea Tumbler
Mermaid Tea Tumbler

Mermaid Tea Tumbler

Turn your Teami into a magical mermaid elixir by drinking it out of our 20 oz Mermaid Tumblers!

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Stay healthy on the go with our cute on-the-go Mermaid Teami Tumblers! Easy to use, our tumblers are made of BPA Free Plastic and are double-walled to ensure your Teami is kept warm for up to 4 hours! 

Our Mermaid tumblers include our exclusive iridescent, holographic, mer-mazing inserts that make drinking your daily tumbler full of Teami, enchanting!

Extra reasons why our one of a kind, Teami Tumblers are pretty amazing:

  • No mess, no spill 
  • Heat Resistant - double-layered walls and durable BPA free plastic tumblers will ensure that you never ever burn yourself!
  • Keeps beverages hot for up to 4 hours.
  • Perfect for hot & cold beverages - hot tea, juice, fruit-infused detox water, smoothies and more!
  • So many cute colors to choose from ( and we are always launching new ones, so make sure you keep following us on Instagram! )
  • Take your tumbler to the gym, work and everywhere you go! 

Tumbler Description & Functions:

  • Double Layered Walls
  • Easily Removable Mesh Insert
  • Sports Flip Top
  • Additional Bottom (Secret) Compartment to hold tea, vitamins, snacks and more!

*Limited Quantities Available

  1. Open the top of the tea tumbler and remove the mesh insert.

  2. Measure the desired amount of Teami Blends loose leaves tea into the Teami Tumbler (we suggest 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea). Add honey, nectar or lemon as a natural sweeter if needed.

  3. Pour hot water into the tumbler until it reaches approximately 3 cm below the rim. Allow contents to cool for 1-3 minutes before you apply the mesh insert and screw the lid onto the tumbler. You can leave your tea leaves in or steep it for the desired amount of time!

  4. Add lemon, mint or cinnamon sticks for an added metabolism boost (if you want!) and ENJOY!

As a tip in using your tumbler, always remember that heat expands! Please allow the contents in your tumbler to cool for 1-3 minutes before tightening the lid to prevent the mouth piece from opening due to pressure. Never shake or turn your tumbler upside-down, if contents are hot. The pressure that hot water creates will cause the top to potentially open, spilling the contents. Once the tea is cool it becomes safe to turn upside down.

Note: We do not recommend that you pour boiling water directly into your tumbler - if the water comes to a boil please allow the water to rest for a few minutes before pouring into your beautiful tumbler!

Mermaid Tea Tumbler Mermaid Tea Tumbler

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews

The color is phenomenal, and I love ordering these tumblers because I use them for many types of drinks. This color is my favorite thus far.

Ginger Kegley
Love the shimmer!!

I love all the tumblers I have. I've got almost every color!!

So pretty!

I bought this as a gift for my sister since I have a tea tumbler that I love. She absolutely loves it and it’s so pretty! It suits her!


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