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Your Guide to a Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Routine

There is nothing more exciting than seeing those two pink lines pop up when you take a pregnancy test. When you find out you’re pregnant, your entire world feels brand new again. And when that test is positive, you start making a mental list of all the “dos” and “don’ts” that being pregnant requires. When you’re expecting, you’ll most likely need to make some lifestyle changes. Surprisingly, that includes changes in your skincare routine. So what does it take to maximize that new-mama glow and make sure your skincare is baby-friendly? Read on to find out what to avoid and what to look for in your routine.

How pregnancy changes your skin

When you’re pregnant, your entire body changes – and that includes your skin. You may notice these common changes no matter what condition your skin is in right now:

  • Acne
  • Melasma/hyperpigmentation
  • Dry skin
  • Stretch marks

And if you have other skin issues, you might find that they mysteriously disappear or are worsened during pregnancy. If you’re concerned about any of these changes, it is essential to discuss them with a doctor.

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Skincare ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It absorbs the ingredients of topical products you use on your skin – and sometimes these ingredients aren’t natural and are actually hazardous to people. If you decide to change your skincare routine during pregnancy, it’s important to avoid specific ingredients for the health of you and your baby.


Fragrance does not serve a true purpose in skincare products besides smelling good. This is an issue because “fragrance” is usually a combination of other natural and synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, formaldehyde, benzene, camphor, and chlorine. And that’s just the shortlist! You may see fragrance listed on the label as “fragrance” or “parfum.” This is definitely something to avoid when you’re pregnant – and after the baby is born!


Formaldehyde has been linked with many health issues, including coughing, respiratory problems, and more. In the state of California, formaldehyde has been banned for use in cosmetics and personal care products. Nail polish and hair straightening products are commonly formulated with formaldehyde. It is also found in hair gel, body wash, and color cosmetics.


Hydroquinone is a treatment for melasma and dark spots. If you’re struggling with pregnancy-induced hyperpigmentation, you may be tempted to reach for this kind of ingredient. However, it is best to wait until the baby is born. This is because currently, there are no studies on hydroquinone’s effect on a baby. But because it is estimated that 35-45% of hydroquinone is absorbed into the skin after application, it isn’t worth the risk.


Phthalates are found in many beauty and personal products and have been linked to endocrine disruption in studies. Phthalates are used as a lubricant to make skincare softer. Diethylphthalate is the most common phthalate found in skincare and other beauty products. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding the use of phthalates during pregnancy. They also recommend avoiding using products made with phthalates with your children.

Chemical sunscreens

There’s no doubt that sunscreen is important, but make sure you’re choosing the right type. Chemical sunscreens with ingredients such as oxybenzone and avobenzone should be avoided while you’re expecting. Instead, choose a sunscreen with physical UV blockers, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide has some other surprising benefits too!


Prescription retinoids and over-the-counter retinoids have exploded in popularity for acne treatment and as an anti-aging skin treatment. Retinoids encourage faster exfoliation and rejuvenate skin by increasing collagen production. It is recommended that women who want to have children avoid using retinoids because there is a proven link between defects and in-utero retinoids exposure. If you are trying to get pregnant and using retinoids, discuss the best course of action with your doctor. In addition, look for retinoids in your skincare products that may go by other names:

  • Retinoic acid
  • Retinyl palmitate
  • Retinaldehyde
  • Adapalene
  • Tretinoin
  • Tazarotene
  • Isotretinoin


Tetracycline is usually used for acne treatment. However, it is recommended to avoid this ingredient during pregnancy because it can cross the placenta and impact bone growth. It is also not recommended to use this ingredient while breastfeeding because it can pass through breast milk.

Creating a pregnancy-safe skincare routine

It can be overwhelming to look at your skincare ingredients and figure out what to use and what to save for after the baby is born. A good place to start is the EWG Skin Deep® database. You can research nearly 90,000 ingredients and brands in the database. They even have an app to use so you can conveniently scan products you currently have at home.

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Your pregnancy-friendly skincare routine is easy with Teami – it only takes five simple steps!

Step 1: Cleanse with the Teami Gentle Superfood Liquid Cleanser. It’s made with 76% organic ingredients, like matcha, apple, turmeric, and sea kelp. It won’t leave skin stripped like other cleansers do because the first ingredient is nourishing aloe!

Step 2: The Teami Hibiscus Infused Vitamin C Serum is rich in brightening Vitamin C. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin to deliver long-lasting moisture, making your skin feel smoother throughout the day.

Step 3: The next step is moisturizing with Teami Superfood Moisturizer Lightweight Daily Cream. This hydrating day cream leaves skin feeling hydrated, but never greasy, sticky, or oily. It is made with ingredients bursting with healthy nutrients, including matcha green tea, avocado, hemp, and olive-derived squalane.

Step 4: At the end of the day, you can cleanse and clean your skin again with the Teami Gentle Superfood Liquid Cleanser to remove dirt, debris, and grime that has accumulated throughout the day.

Step 5: Finally, before getting that must-needed shut-eye, pop on the Teami Overnight Sleep Mask. This deeply hydrating treatment promotes a renewed, vibrant and youthful skin complexion – it works while you sleep!

If you’re someone who seeks more targeted skincare solutions, you can find more in our growing selection of natural skincare products! Whether you need a mask for occasional spot treatments or you need to replace your old eye cream with an eye cream made with more gentle ingredients, we have it!

We know it’s not easy to give up skincare products that you might swear by. However, there is nothing more important than growing a healthy, bouncing baby! Always discuss any concerns about your skincare products with your personal physician – they are there to help you make the best decisions during your pregnancy.

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