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5 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Zinc Oxide

When it comes to the top ingredients in skincare, what do you think about? There is one mighty mystery mineral that has incredible skincare benefits but isn’t always talked about. That mystery mineral is zinc oxide! You may know it from its use in mineral sunscreens, as zinc oxide blocks damaging rays from the sun; however, zinc oxide also has some other surprising beauty benefits that work to keep your complexion plump and glowing—especially if you have sensitive skin. 

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1. Zinc oxide blocks harmful rays from the sun

In those cheeky old lifeguard movies, you always see the lifeguards sitting atop their tall chairs with a slick white paste spread across their noses and the tops of their cheeks. That’s zinc, but it isn’t modern-day zinc. Thanks to modern manufacturing formulations, most mineral sunscreens today won’t leave a white or chalky cast on your skin after application because they are micronized—meaning the particles are processed into a small size until they are practically clear. You will also find mineral sunscreens that are tinted to minimize the white cast. 

Functionally, zinc oxide is a physical sunscreen that sits on top of your skin and creates a barrier to block UV rays. This is important because as that barrier is formed, the ingredients will not absorb into the deeper layers of your skin, meaning they will not disrupt internal functions. This barrier also helps keep moisture locked into your skin. Furthermore, mineral sunscreens are broad-spectrum and block out UVB and UVB rays by reflecting them away from the skin before they absorb. Compared to chemical sunscreens, mineral sunscreens begin working right away because they are sitting on top of the skin instead of being absorbed. 

This is a good time to start thinking about using a zinc oxide-based sunscreen. In July 2020, the Wall Street Journal released a story about an FDA study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This story reported serious concerns about high levels of chemicals being absorbed by the body through the skin while using chemical sunscreens. If you haven’t switched to mineral sunscreen, now is a great time to make the leap! 

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2. Zinc oxide soothes sensitive skin

There’s more to know about zinc oxide than its role in sunscreen. You might be surprised to learn that zinc oxide is also useful in diffusing minor skin irritations, which helps people with sensitive skin. These minor irritations include chapped and dry skin, minor burns, rashes, and even acne. Because zinc oxide is soothing, it won’t aggravate acne or dry skin. These zinc oxide traits also make it a common ingredient found in diaper rash creams.

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3. Zinc oxide restores the skin barrier

One study in the Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology Journal found that using zinc oxide on the skin helped restore the skin barrier, improved the skin’s microbiome, and accelerated wound healing in people with skin conditions. 

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4. Zinc oxide promotes hydrated skin

Zinc oxide also helps moisture stay in the skin’s natural barrier, helping to minimize dryness and dehydrated skin even after a full day outside and exposed to the elements. In addition, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an organization that evaluates the potential toxicity levels of beauty product ingredients, states that zinc-oxide based products do not disrupt hormones. Their database houses hundreds of beauty products made with zinc oxide, including foundation, lipstick, facial cleanser, and face masks. If you have naturally dry skin, it helps knowing that zinc oxide will add moisture and not strip it in these products.

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5. Zinc oxide is an astringent

Astringents help reduce the appearance of large pores, cleanse skin, and may help tighten skin. Zinc oxide has mild astringent properties. It helps absorb excess oils from the surface of your skin and may reduce the appearance of irritation and blemishes. 

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Teami Beauty Mask, featuring Zinc Oxide! 

Because zinc oxide is not water-soluble, it is blended with a nourishing carrier ingredient when used topically in sunscreen products, including lip balms and moisturizers. That’s why in our new Teami Beauty Mask, we are harnessing the benefits of soothing zinc oxide with other naturally nourishing ingredients to create the perfect mask for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin that is acne-prone! Plus, this bright blue beauty is just fun to wear. 

Whether you have spent the day outside in the sun or your skin needs a pick-me-up, our new mask works to replenish your skin with hydrating and gentle ingredients to restore balance. Here’s the lowdown on some of the key ingredients in our blue clay mask and how they work for your skin: 

Organic aloe: Soothes and calms skin irritation
Butterfly pea flower: Delivers plant-based antioxidant benefits
Kaolin clay: Draws out impurities to clear pores and keep them clean
Vegetable glycerin: Soothes and softens skin; acts as a zinc oxide carrier
Sweet almond oil: Softens skin and is a carrier oil for zinc oxide

And of course, we can’t forget about the star of the show, zinc oxide! 

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