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Pro Secrets for the Best Detox Tea Results

On a detox but just not getting the results you WANT?


Here are a few things I want: 


  • I want a puppy
  • A great butt without working out
  • Endless cupcakes (where the calories don’t count)


And those are just a few on the list… 


Unfortunately, I learned early on that getting everything that you want is not always possible - but you know what IS possible? Sustainable health achieved naturally - so throw out the junk because it is time to treat your body the way it should be treated! 

Teami Skinny & Colon Detox Teas


One thing that can happen as we change our ways and decide to get healthy, start eating clean, get fit, be more active, etc., is that we become discouraged when we AREN’T seeing the results that we have imagined in our heads. I am here to offer some wise words about how to overcome those barriers to your detox program, so listen up - it is time to learn as I reveal my secrets to getting those blocks removed (quite literally) so you can get rolling on your detox again!


Teami 30 Day Detox Tea Pack
  • Steep your Teami Colon in hot water for 1-5 minutes, gradually increasing your steep time as you go through the program. If you've never done a detox, start short until you get used to it. 
  • Eat a clean diet! Although you could eat your usuals, starting a healthy lifestyle means some changes to get your best results! We put together a grocery list for your detox along with a LOT of recipes to try out! 
  • Work out daily! It will help your results and refresh your day! Even just walking or taking a yoga class is so so beneficial to your health and detox. 
  • Drink lots of water! On and off the detox this is so important! It helps flush you out and keep you hydrated. When drinking Teami Colon it's especially important to keep up with your water intake!
  • STICKING TO IT! It sounds silly, but so much of the reason some people don't see the results they want is because they are not consistent! Drink your Teami Skinny every day and Teami colon every other night! 

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