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Kylie Jenner & Cardi B on Using Teami's Detox Tea

As all of our Communi(tea) knows, Teami Blends is not just a tea company or a skincare line. We’re a lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living and pride ourselves on helping more people live a healthy lifestyle every day. Having the opportunity to work with celebrities that align with our company mission and enjoy our products is not something we take for granted. We welcome bringing in new leaders to represent our growing brand and to help us reach more people that would enjoy being part of our Communi(tea).

We have worked with Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Sarah Palin, and many others who use our products and give us positive reviews. Each one has found their own unique way to represent us to their fans.

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner is the top social media influencer on the planet and the incredible launch and monumental success of her cosmetics line makes her endorsement one of the most sought after in the world.  

She not only is known for her modeling work and appearances on her family's reality TV series but recently has become the youngest self-made female billionaires with success of her company, Kylie Cosmetics, at the age of 20.

When she agreed to partner with Teami, we were excited to work with her and inspired to make sure we prepared ourselves to bring the best customer service possible for her many followers.

"They call her "Cardi Bardi, banging body / Spicy mami, hot tamale" -- and she's got an image to maintain.” - CNN

Cardi B has been using Teami before, after, and during her pregnancy! She’s one of the top names in the music industry and has always been known to be herself, without holding anything back "I started speaking my mind and tripled my views”.

Cardi B is definitely the type of person we want representing us. A "boss in a skirt” who has a busy lifestyle but wants to stay as healthy as possible. This being her second Teami video, Cardi took to Instagram to tell her followers about drinking our Teami Skinny to snap back after giving birth to her daughter, Kulture. 

We also have recently formulated a new blend called Teami Nursing that promotes lactation in breastfeeding moms. It’s all-natural and does not contain any caffeine. Check out this story of a nursing mom and her journey through breastfeeding with Teami Nursing!

Kylie and Cardi B have worked with companies such as ours before but it is a goal for us to stand out from our competitors by having a better product, more personal customer service experience, and a Teami community that cares for every member. 

We hand select all of the ingredients and make sure to provide the best possible products to solve issues such as bloating, fatigue, and more. Our customer service reps work around the clock to answer all emails, messages, and DMs we receive and provide a positive experience with every person we talk to. We have a large community of people who genuinely care for the health and well-being of the other members. If someone needs to find a group of people to help motivate and inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle, the Teami Loyalty program welcomes all who join, AND of course, they get discounts and new products before anyone else (oh, and commission payments from their personal discount codes!)

Our company mission, which is prominently displayed at our headquarters in Florida is “Teami was created from the desire to help people live happier, healthier lives”. We try to work with people that are aligned with our mission and not just celebrities, any Teami customer can become an influencer with us. We work with thousands of people every day that want to share their results and experience with their friends, family, and followers. Anyone is welcome to join our Teami Loyalty Program if you enjoy our products and your lifestyle aligns with our company mission.

Head to our website to check out all of our blends and tea-infused skincare! Or, search the #thankyouteami on Instagram to see all of our REAL customers who love our products and have seen positive changes in their lives as a result! We can't wait to meet you!

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