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How to Naturally Boost & Increase Your Metabolism

Often, when you hear the word “metabolism” you think of weight loss. Those who are trying to lose weight are trying to boost their metabolism. But maintaining a healthy metabolism, while helpful in dieting, is not just to lose weight. Your metabolism, when at a healthy rate, can benefit your immune system, help you think, and ensure all body systems are working properly. 

Primarily, your metabolism is determined by genetic factors that you obviously cannot change, such as body type, age, and gender. But do not be discouraged, there are many different lifestyle changes you can make and practice that will help you boost your metabolism and increase your energy.

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep

While it seems obvious, one cannot overstate the importance of a good night's sleep to recharge the brain and give your body adequate time to rest. Getting enough sleep helps to maintain normal hormone levels, increases mental functioning, and is linked to reducing stress levels. Getting seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep on a good mattress each night is ideal.

2. Eat!

If you are trying to lose weight, it seems like a large reduction in calories would be smart. However, you shouldn’t drastically reduce your caloric intake. Crash diets are not a consistent or effective way to lose weight or increase your metabolism. 

Your body needs energy. If you are depriving your systems of this energy, they will not function properly. Eat! If you eat enough, you will be more active, feel less fatigued, and you will get stronger and increase muscle mass more quickly. Let your focus be on certain types of food that fuel your energy levels, not eating less food.

3. Eat this!

It’s all about the protein. Protein-packed foods such as almonds, beans, chia seeds, and lean chicken and turkey release the hormone glucagon, which cues fat cells to release fat into the blood. So when you eat protein, more fat is burned.

Have some garlic! Garlic is a food that acts as a thermogenic in the body, which means that your body is at a slightly higher temperature and chemical reactions happen faster, thus your body can metabolize calories faster.

Apple cider vinegar also a metabolism booster and is different than other foods recommended to increase your metabolism because it helps to produce more hydrochloric acid in your stomach. This means your stomach breaks down and digests food faster, thus aiding in better absorption.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes can boost your immune system and help metabolize fat faster.

Leafy greens, such as spinach, are an excellent source of fiber as well as iron. Iron helps to raise your metabolism by producing hemoglobin, which is a protein in your blood. Hemoglobin helps your blood bind to oxygen, and oxygen is vital to many metabolic processes in the body. If you have low iron, you have a lower functioning metabolism. But boost your iron, and you boost your metabolism as well!

Spice it up with peppers. By eating peppers and spicy foods, your body’s internal temperature is raised with a compound called capsaicin. Spices help with lipid oxidation (the process of burning fat for energy) and can also act as an appetite suppressant.

4. Eat all day!

Studies have shown that eating small meals throughout the day helps to maintain consistent blood sugar and insulin levels thus preventing spikes that lead to weight gain. Choose grazing over fasting and binging. Try dividing your daily caloric intake by six and enjoying six small meals a day.

5. Breakfast!

Eating a breakfast that is full of nutrients as soon as you get up in the morning actually “wakes up” your metabolism, helping you get started and keeps you going throughout the day. Pack it with protein, whole grains, a cup of coffee or tea, and you’re off to a great start.

6. Drink!

There are certain drinks that have been linked to boosted metabolism, such as tea. Green tea also acts as a thermogenic, has antioxidant compounds and low levels of caffeine, and is all-natural. OurTeami Skinny is a great way to boost your metabolism, and did we mention you can sweeten it with some citrus fruit we listed above so you can get double benefits? It has also been linked to lower systolic blood pressure, lower BMI (body mass index), and weight loss.

Water! Not just for hydration, just drinking a glass of water alone can increase your resting metabolic rate. It also keeps all your body processes functioning properly. A good idea is to get a bottle and make it a habit to fill it up throughout the day.

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