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7 Health Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

It is well-established that tea has incredible health benefits, but choosing the right one for you can be challenging with all of the flavors and varieties that are available. That’s why you might want to try Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, which is tasty, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and even more beautiful when it is working to beautify your health from the inside out! With its many beauty and wellness benefits, this tea is sure to be a top-shelf choice for your healthy lifestyle.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is made from a dried, cobalt blue flower that is native to Southeast Asia. The butterfly pea’s botanical name is Clitoria ternatea, and it is also known as the bluebellvine and Darwin pea. In India, it is considered a holy plant, and throughout Asia the butterfly pea is used as a food coloring because of its vibrant blue shading.

teami butterfly pea flower tea with lemon slices

For centuries, this caffeine-free tea has been used as a natural beauty enhancer and wellness supporter. Tea from the butterfly pea is a rich blue color when steeped, and since blooms range from deep lavender to deep blue to baby pink, it changes pH levels with the addition of certain ingredients. This reaction is what brings out its many colors. Acids such as lemon or lime juice make for a vibrant purple color, while a base of hibiscus flower or honey brings out its pink shading. This beautiful, shapeshifting drink is not only a treat for the eyes, but it is also a treat for the body!

If you’re a fan of green tea, you will probably like Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. Although it looks sweet, its flavor is earthy and rich. Curious? It’s not easy to find in physical storefronts, but for your convenience, you can find it right here.

Now that you have learned about its magical color properties, are you ready to learn about some of the health benefits Butterfly Pea Flower Tea has to offer?

1. Promotes graceful aging

During the course of our lives, we take in a lot of oxygen through the air, food, and other exposure. This leads to free radicals entering the body, which are actually unpaired electrons. When electrons aren’t paired up, they may accelerate aging and increase the chances for health issues. Antioxidants help manage and get rid of free radicals in the body. Some recent studies have even shown promise for incorporating butterfly pea flowers into skincare products. Of course, the most effective way to reap the benefits is by drinking butterfly pea flower tea, which contains many plant-based antioxidants that naturally help you age gracefully!

woman aging gracefully

2. Provides antioxidant support

Butterfly pea flowers are popular all over the world in functional beverages. In Thailand, it is a popular choice for a post-meal treat when mixed with lemon and honey. One study from 2019 found that consumption of butterfly pea flowers in beverages did have an impact on increasing antioxidant activity in the body, which in turn can be used to benefit many health functions.

butterfly tea with lemon

3. Contains anthocyanins

Butterfly pea flowers are rich in anthocyanins that support well-being. It starts with flavonoids, which are chemicals found in plants. These flavonoids create the rainbow of colors that are seen in nature in flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other plants. These flavonoids are further broken down into different groups and subgroups of plant chemicals. Anthocyanins are water-soluble and make up one of these groups, which are deep pigments in shades of blue, dark red, and violet. Some of the most nutritious foods in the world, such as blueberries, elderberries, and cranberries contain anthocyanins that are found in the outer cell layers. Anthocyanins support antioxidant activity and are shown to support cardiovascular health in some studies.

fruit and vegetables with anthocyanins

4. Supports glowing skin

Butterfly pea flowers are of interest in the skincare community because of their ability to support graceful aging with antioxidants. While some flowers and botanicals have components that are irritating to skin, all components of butterfly pea flowers from the root to the flowers themselves can be used for topical skincare. One study found it did have an affect on calming skin issues; however, primary skin benefits will occur from the antioxidants present when drinking butterfly pea flower tea. After all, true beauty begins from the inside out!

woman with glowing skin

5. Contains versatile catechins

Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, is a catechin, an antioxidant that is primarily found in green tea. Research suggests that EGCG has many healthful functions in the body, including to help maintain weight and cardiovascular health. In particular, one study found that consuming two cups of green tea per day was associated with lower body fat and successful weight management; however, the results of the study overall had varying factors regarding these results. Although these studies were conducted on EGCG found in green tea, butterfly pea flower tea also contains catechins to support health and wellness.

butterfly pea tea weight loss

6. Potential cognitive support

Numerous studies have been conducted in the last twenty years to examine butterfly pea flowers and their impact on cognitive health. Several of these studies have reported benefits within animal studies. Further examination is needed to fully understand how these benefits translate in human health, but early research is promising.

young woman working on her laptop with teami butterfly pea flower tea

7. Eases occasional stress

Butterfly pea flowers are an adaptogenic herb that may help ease occasional stress.* Russian scientist N.V. Lazarez discovered adaptogens in 1947 while another Russian scientist, Dr. Israel Brekhman, spent more than forty years examining their healthful benefits. Dr. Brekhman designated that to be an adaptogen, herbs that need to have three specific traits:

  • The herb is non-toxic 
  • It helps regulate stress by helping the body adapt to it 
  • It has a positive impact on the body 

Adaptogens impact your well-being by helping you cope with stress, which is something everyone has to deal with at one point or another! A scientific review of adaptogenic agents listed butterfly pea flowers as an acceptable adaptogen.

woman relaxing while drinking butterfly tea with her cat

When it comes to butterfly pea flowers and their healthful potential, there is still so much to be discovered. While all of its benefits are not yet known, science is well on its way to discovering exactly what it can do.  In 2019, Frontiers in Plant Science published a comprehensive overview of its benefits to respond to the growing interest of researchers in the health field. Knowing that butterfly pea flowers are so rich in so many healthful components is an inspiring start to uncovering what we will discover regarding health benefits in the future.

How to use butterfly pea flower tea 

You can use butterfly pea flower tea the same way you would use any other tea. Simply heat the water you need, add tea, steep, and enjoy! For in-depth directions, including how to bring out the gorgeous array of colors, watch this video or check out these butterfly tea recipes.

Where to buy butterfly tea

Are you wondering where to buy this beautiful blue tea? As mentioned before, it’s not easy to find this gorgeous tea in stores, but don’t worry; we have it right here for you to experiment with and enjoy.  We hope that you will head over to @TeamiBlends on Instagram and tag us after you make your colorful tea so we can see your creations!

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