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Frequently Asked Questions

We are so excited for you to receive your Teami MIXit and start making superfood smoothies on the go! We put together a list of frequently asked questions from our customers to help answer any questions you may have!


Frequently Asked Questions

We are so excited for you to receive your Teami MIXit and start making superfood smoothies on the go! We put together a list of frequently asked questions from our customers to help answer any questions you may have!

Q: How long does it take to fully charge my MIXit?

A: 1-2 hours!

Q: What is the Teami MIXit battery life?

A: A fully charged MIXit will show a solid green light on the START/STOP button. When your MIXit is fully charged it will have a 4-6 hour battery life!

Q: How do I know my MIXit is locked and ready to use?

A: Once you twist your MIXit glass bottle onto the base, it will light up blue! If it is flashing blue and red it is not locked and not ready to blend.

Q: How do I turn my MIXit on?

A: Once your MIXit is charged and full of ingredients, press the button twice to start blending! It will blend for 30 seconds, or you can press the button once to turn it off!

Q: Can you blend ice or frozen fruit?

A: Yes! We recommend always adding a bit of liquid into your Teami MIXit first, then adding your ice or frozen fruit with it for it to blend best!

Q: Can I blend hot liquids in my MIXit?

A: Do not put hot liquids that are over 120° F / 49°C into your MIXit as it may cause damage or leaking to the bottle and base.

Q: What can I blend in my Teami MIXit?

A: The options are endless, seriously!! Fruit, veggies, herbs, powders and ice! Make smoothies, juice and even baby food on the go!

Q: How many pieces is the MIXit?

A: The MIXit is composed of 4 pieces, the lid, bottle, blade base, and blender base! Do not disconnect the bottle from the blade base unless you are deep cleaning it!

Q: How many ounces does my MIXit hold?

A: The MIXit can hold up to 18.6 ounces! We recommend leaving a little room at the top while blending for best results!

Q: How much does the MIXit weigh?

A: 1lb 8oz

Q: What do the different color lights mean?

  Solid Red light means charging

  Solid Green means it is fully charged

  Flashing Blue light means it is ready to blend

Flashing Red and Blue means the magnet is not aligned or connected

Flashing Red means the MIXit needs charged, or it is overfilled

Flashing Green means it is idle and ready to use

Problem Cause Indicator Statis Solution

MIXit stops working after long periods of use.

The blade is stuck.

Shake the MIXit and then restart.

When blending on high speed, the fruit does not circulate or in unevenly chopped.

The Fruit chunks are too big.

Shake the MIXit upside down and then restart..

The MIXit does not operate after pushing the start button.

The magnet is not aligned with the on/off button.

The red light flashes 5 consecutive times.

Before operating the MIXit, make sure the magnet is aligned well with the on/off button - the indicator light will show blue.

The MIXit stops working after 5 seconds.

Current loss caused by the idle spinning – motor protection.

The green light flashes 5 consecutive times.


The MIXit stops suddenly and the indicator light show red.

1.Weak voltage 2.Motor protection

The red light flashes 5 consecutive times

1. Charge the MIXit 2. Shake the MIXit and then restart

Q: How is the MIXit better than the other portable blenders?

A: Our Teami MIXit is the most innovative portable blender on the market! It has a high-quality glass bottle, compared to a plastic bottle with most other portable blenders! It also has 6 sharp blades to blend as smooth as possible instead of only 2 or 4 blades! Plus, you can detach the bottle from the base if you want to only carry the bottle with you unlike any other ones!

Q: What makes our blades different than the blades of the other portable blenders you see online?

A: Our 6-point steel blades made of 304 Stainless Steel

The blade assembly is one of the hardest-working parts of your Teami MIXit blender, 6-point steel blades are being constantly subjected to high speeds and the rigors of cutting, crushing, and emulsifying a wide range of ingredients. The Food-grade 304 stainless steel six-blade blade forms three-layer agitation eddy current, three-dimensional blade, rotate speed can reach 21,000 times per minute, breaks ice quickly and evenly, squeezes juice more comprehensively and faster, releases food nutrition layer by layer.

Q: Is the glass bottle BPA free? 

A: Yes! The glass bottle on the MIXit is 100% BPA free!

Q: Do you offer replacement pieces for the MIXit? 

A: Yes, if anything on your MIXit arrives damaged we can replace the piece for you! Just send an email to service@teamiblends.com for assistance with this!

Q: Can I put my MIXit in the dishwasher?

A: You can put your glass bottle, sports top, and blades base in the dishwasher, but do not put the electronic base in water.

Q: How do you clean the MIXit?

A: It’s super easy! Just add a little water and soap to your Mixit after each use and blend it! Then rinse it out afterwards and you’re ready to go! We recommend deep cleaning it every so often by taking it apart and washing it by hand! The lid, glass cup, blade base, and blender base all come apart to clean just by twisting it off! As well as there are two silicone rings in the lid and blade base that can pop out for cleaning, too! Make sure you let it dry completely before putting it back together and be careful cleaning the blades!

For more cleaning instructions, please read this blog: How to use my Teami MIXit!

Q: How do I store my MIXit?

A: You can keep it in your cupboard along with your other cups and tumblers! Make sure it is clean and dry before storing and keep the lid open so any extra moisture will be dried!

Q: Can I travel with my MIXit?

A: Yes, our MIXit was created to take with you on the go! If you are flying with your MIXit, we recommend putting it in your checked bag with no liquids inside! You can bring it in your carry-on if it is empty, but it may be inspected and in rare cases confiscated due to the blades.

Q: Can I use my MIXit while it is empty?

A: No, we do not recommend running your MIXit while empty as it may cause the motor to burn out!

Q: Can I touch the blades of my MIXit?

A: No, never put your hands in your MIXit or touch the blades!

Q: Can I use my MIXit without the glass bottle attached? 

A: No! Do not attach the blades to the electronic base without the glass bottle attached. 

Q: My MIXit is leaking, what do I do?

A: First, check to make sure the cap and the blades base are both tightly connected to the bottle! If it is still leaking after this, take apart your MIXit and wipe it out so it is completely dry and tightly reconnect it. If you are still experiencing any leaking, empty out some of the liquid as it is likely overfilled!

If you need any assistance, feel free to email us! Service@teamiblends.com

What is the wattage of the MIXit?


If you have any questions that weren't answered here, just email service@teamiblends.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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