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Why Adults Get Acne & How You Can Treat It

4 Simple Steps To Fight Adult Acne

I never had severe acne issues as a teen. Only light breakouts here and there. The thing is: it has carried on into my adulthood! I thought to myself “why is this STILL happening to me?!”

Before I started to cry (which is how 25-year-olds should obviously handle things) I took a deep breath and looked online to find out why I might be having this problem and what I could do to fix it.


Girl, are you stressed? You can pretty much guarantee that you will have a breakout! And, I get it, we all have a crazy life but it IS important to take a step back and relax! Here are some simple remedies that worked for me that I will pass on to you!

Snuggling with your boyfriend, dog, cat, whatever works!

I have to admit, snuggling is very therapeutic. It helps to feel close to someone else, there is something very comforting about not needing to do anything but feel an embrace for a few minutes. It does not always work with my cat but that is what my boyfriend is for!

Drink tea & read a good book!

In this day and age of technology, it is comforting to do something so simple, yet so refreshing. My mom and I like to have girl time by unwinding with our favorite mags while sipping on our Teami Relax.

Toxins & The Environment

There are a lot of these! You could either have internal or external forces that are causing you to have these random breakout issues! Whether it is excess exposure to smog or whether it is something toxic that is being put into the body! Here are some suggestions that work for me!

Drink more water!

Water is a natural way that toxins and other harmful substances get picked up and, uh, dropped off… hehe. Drink a lot more water so that the body is hydrated enough to actually push those out. When the body is dehydrated, the body retains EVERYTHING and that means more breakouts for you! Ugh!

Change, or better your diet!

I know, sometimes it is hard. Even I cannot resist a good bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!

Every once in a while, it is fine.

Believe it or not, processed foods are one of the LEADING causes of skin problems and many medical issues, such as coronary, liver and kidney issues. Not surprising, as the liver is one organ that filters waste. When these “filter organs” become overloaded, the waste goes back into your bloodstream and attempt to make its way out through your skin. Sounds like a creepy horror film, right?

Your body has so many toxins inside of it built up that you wouldn't believe! To aid in your diet, the Teami Detox works to rid your body of those toxins and get a refreshed and revived body!

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