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5 Benefits of Using a Natural Face Toner!

Maybe you're not really sure why you would need a facial toner, or maybe you're looking for the next product to boost your glow game to the next level, but either way... the beauty team at Teami Blends definitely recommends looking into a natural toner, and we're here to tell you why a natural toner will be the next must-have for your routine.

So what is toner anyway? Well, toners started as a product full of alcohol used to dry out the oils of the face. They were often written off as too harsh and drying to add into a nightly routine. And synthetic toners can still be full of alcohols, but if you choose the right toner, it'll forever change your skincare game.

Start by looking for a natural toner because they are all about balancing pH, tightening pores, and evening skin tone without using harsh, drying ingredients. All of that sounds pretty good, right? But do you really need one in your skincare routine? We'll let you decide for yourself, but we've graciously compiled all of the benefits of using a natural toner regularly to make it a little easier on you! 

1. Tightens Pores

Every girl knows the struggle. You wash your face, you use those strips that tear off your peach fuzz and bring tears to your eyes, and yet… your pores still look huge and dirty. But what makes pores look like that? 

Turns out, it’s undissolved dirt, makeup, sweat, and dead skin cells that just kind of clog the pores up. Ick. Thankfully, using a toner not only dissolves all the junk in your pores, but actually tightens up your pores so next time dirt, dust, and skin cells have a much harder time getting in! This means a lot fewer blackheads and breakouts, more even skin tone, and way less redness. Toner isn’t just a solution, but also a preventative measure.

young woman with tight pores

2. Prevents Acne

We touched on this a bit above, but we wanted to add in more info because this is one of the BEST reasons to use a toner! Not only do natural toners gently remove pollutants and tighten pores, but they also dry some of the excess oils that cause acne and redness as well. 

Did you know that 40% of acne sufferers don't treat their acne? Toner is a fast, easy step to add into your routine that keeps acne at bay and helps to dry out existing flare-ups. Just swipe on a cotton ball's worth and you're on your way to clearer skin.

Be sure to look at the ingredients of the toner, as a toner with all-natural ingredients is the way to go. Any toner with harsh chemicals, alcohol, or preservatives can actually dry out your skin too much, especially if your skin is already on the drier side of things. A toner with natural ingredients like witch hazel will do a much better job of soaking up excess oils without causing a harsh reaction or being too drying. 

woman using facial toner to keep clear complexion

3. Balances pH Levels

Keeping your skin’s pH (or potential hydrogen) levels as neutral as possible is important to creating a healthy, glowing complexion. PH levels are rated on a scale from 0-14 with 7 being perfectly neutral, and toner works with your skin to keep it as close to a perfect 7 as possible! 

Things like makeup, cleansers, and harsh soaps can throw our skin’s pH out of whack, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, redness, and acne, so getting your pH balanced with a toner is an important step for beauty lovers.

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4. Removes Pollutants from Skin

No matter where you are in the world, your skin will encounter pollutants. Things like dirt, dust, soot, and smog all settle into your skin throughout the day. Just washing your face with water doesn’t get rid of all the pollutants, and while using a detox mask is helpful, it’s not an everyday venture. 

But what you can use every day is an alcohol-free, non-drying toner. Natural toners are the best for daily use because they keep moisture in your skin while getting rid of pollutants and thoroughly cleansing skin.

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5. Helps You GLOW 

By getting rid of dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, and pollutants, an all-natural toner will leave your skin positively glowing. On top of that, it will prevent that daily build up as well as excess oil production that leads to acne. 

Getting rid of all the build up, makeup, pollutants and excess oil will lead to happier, healthier skin so you can flaunt that natural glow! Toners are an incredible addition to any routine, but make sure to check those ingredients because using a synthetic, alcohol-based toner is a surefire way to dry you out and irritate your skin.

Alright, we know we've been throwing around that "natural" word throughout this article, but is it that important?

Adi with glowing skin applying teami butterfly facial toner

Natural Vs. Synthetic: Does it Really Matter?

Long story short: yes, it matters! 

Synthetic toners are incredibly harsh, and often their main ingredient is alcohol. Picture just dipping a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and slathering it on your face… that’s basically what’s going on if you don’t check the ingredients in your toner. 

Natural toners use ingredients that are effective yet more gentle and calming for your skin. Blends with witch hazel and aloe are often popular because this combination dries excess oils while calming redness and irritation, not exciting them. Picking out a natural toner for your skin is especially important since it’s a daily-use item. This is going to be on your skin a lot, so it’s that much more important to make sure all the ingredients are healthy, chemical-free, and beneficial.

We're officially obsessed with toner, and for good reason! Tighter pores, more even skin, acne prevention… what’s not to love! So in light of that, Teami's research team has spent months researching, developing, and producing an incredible all-natural toner that is going to change your skincare game for good!

Full of ingredients like witch hazel, aloe, and butterfly pea tea, this toner has zero fillers, zero preservatives, and zero alcohol! Check it out, and if you want more information on the specific ingredients, peep our new blog that breaks down every ingredient and what it does for your skin!

Are you ready for healthier, glowing skin?  Get our Butterfly Toner Mist.

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