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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Benefits of Drinking Tea


Teas one of the most loved beverages worldwide. Alongside coffee and water, it's also one of most consumed. The many types of teas and different ways it is consumed makes it a diverse and enjoyable drink.

With such a high level of popularity, a lot of research has followed looking at the effect tea has on the body. This has been joined with studies looking at the benefits tea drinking might have.

This research has led to a number of health benefits being discovered from tea. However, these benefits are not simply derived from any tea. Rather, different teas have separate potential perks and drawbacks. This means we have to consider each type of tea and their individual benefits.

In this post you’ll find a round-up of the different types of tea as well as the benefits and drawbacks each kind has.

We’ll also look at how each tea is best prepared and taken in for maximum benefit.

Tea-ing Off: The Different Types of Tea

As said above, there are lots of different types of teas. These are all made from different herbs and plants.

Each one has a unique taste and unique benefits to your health.

Before looking at each of the benefits, we’ll walk through the different kinds of tea, which will help you find one that you like best based on your taste and what benefits you're looking for.

Black Tea

This tea is produced from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and is known for its dark color when brewed. This tea is more oxidized than the others, which gives it the stronger and long-lasting taste.

It's also the most common form of tea, used in both English tea and mixed with bergamot oil to make Earl Grey tea.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

  • Black tea can aid the digestive system - Because black tea is rich in a chemical called tannins, it can be used to help the digestive system process food. Tannins help relax the intestines, which can help digest stubborn meals and prevent constipation or other digestive issues. 

  • Black Tea Has An Anti-Inflammatory Effect On The Body - Along with aiding digestion, black tea is also rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent inflammation. This can have a range of health benefits such as preventing plaque build up and protecting mental health. 

  • Black Tea Can Help Protect The Skin - Black tea may also have ingredients that help protect the skin, with certain studies showing it can reduce the risk of damage from sunlight. This can be particularly helpful for those living in sunny countries. 

  • Black Tea Can Help Burn Calories - The caffeine in black tea can help boost calorie burning by causing more fidgeting and restlessness. This can help weight loss and prevent obesity, which can have a range of health problems and is a common problem among people today.

Green Tea

This tea has not been processed as much as other forms, such as black or oolong tea, and has a gentler color and taste because of it. This is also a very popular option, closely following black tea for many.

Along with following black tea in popularity, green tea also has many of the same health benefits. It even offers stronger benefits in some areas when compared against black tea.

Health Benefits of Green Tea Green Tea