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Stay healthy on the go with our cute tea tumblers!



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Stay healthy on the go with our cute on-the-go Teami Tumblers! Easy to use, our tumblers are made of BPA Free Plastic, come in 15 fun colors and are double walled to ensure your Teami is kept warm for up to 4 hours! 
Extra reasons why our one of a kind, Teami Tumblers are pretty amazing:
  • No mess, no spill 
  • Heat Resistant - double layered walls and durable BPA free plastic tumblers will ensure that you never ever burn yourself!
  • Perfect for hot & cold beverages - hot tea, juice, fruit infused detox water, smoothies and more!
  • So many cute colors to choose from ( and we are always launching new ones, so make sure you keep following us on Instagram!
  • Take your tumbler to the gym, work and everywhere you go! 
Tumbler Description & Functions:
  • Double Layered Walls
  • Easily Removable Mesh Insert
  • Sports Flip Top
  • Additional Bottom (Secret) Compartment to hold tea, vitamins, snacks and more!
1. Open the top of the tea tumbler and remove the mesh insert.
2. Measure the desired amount of Teami Blends loose leaves tea into the Teami Tumbler (we suggest 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea). Add honey, nectar or lemon as a natural sweeter if needed.
3. Pour hot water into the tumbler until it reaches approximately 3 cm below the rim. Allow contents to cool for 1-3 minutes before you apply the mesh insert and screw the lid onto the tumbler. You can leave your tea leaves in or steep it for the desired amount of time!
4. Add lemon, mint or cinnamon sticks for an added metabolism boost (if you want!) and ENJOY!
As a tip in using your tumbler, always remember that heat expands! Please allow the contents in your tumbler to cool for 1-3 minutes before tightening the lid to prevent the mouth piece from opening due to pressure. Never shake or turn your tumbler upside-down, if contents are hot. The pressure that hot water creates will cause the top to potentially open, spilling the contents. Once the tea is cool it becomes safe to turn upside down.
Note: We do not recommend that you pour boiling water directly into your tumbler - if the water comes to a boil please allow the water to rest for a few minutes before pouring into your beautiful tumbler!

Real Customer Reviews

by Tovia B.


by Caroline Des

I am in love with my tumbler!!! I just receive my baby pink tumbler and shipping was very fast ( i live in Montréal) I just ordered the baby blue...... i couldn t resist!!!

by Elena Buzzatto

This tumbler is a great invention in itself. It is perfect for at home or on the go. The colors are all pretty and fun. there is a hand strap that makes it easy for carrying and there is even a secret compartment at the bottom that you can put extra tea in if you are on the go. I don't recommend placing it in the dishwasher, but if you do, tea mi sends you replacement parts for a small shipping fee! Thank you Teami!

Tea Tumbler

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