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What To Eat During Your 30 Day Detox + Healthy Grocery List!

Hellloooo Teami Communitea! My name is Adi Arezzini and I am the Co-Founder + CEO of Teami Blends :). I am so happy you are here and ready to start your 30 Day Detox journey with us!

I created this program after developing major digestive + tummy issues in the military. After two years of abusing my gut health with unhealthy food...my gut just shut down! When I moved back to Florida I was looking for a natural way to give my gut the reset it desperately needed! 

I created this 30 Day Detox Program to help my own wellness...and I’m happy to help all of you at home do the same! 



Whether you just purchased our 30 Day Detox or you are considering it, I created this blog to go over my recommendations for what to eat while you are detoxing to feel your best! 

In this blog you’ll be able to download a few super amazing tools to keep you accountable during your 30 day detox! Read on + download for FREE!

Healthy Mindset Tips

Whether you are starting a detox, just finished one or want to live a healthy lifestyle in general, these are some fundamental values that I lead my life by. Health and wellness is a journey...not a destination. It is a mindset that needs to be practiced daily. It isn’t something that just “happens”. It’s something that you live out each and every day by adopting small healthy habits….while ditching negative habits.

These are some of my healthy mindset tips that have helped me along my journey, and I hope they help yours. :)

  • Reach for FRESH fruits and veggies at the grocery store. When something is fresh, raw and uncooked it contains the MOST natural vitamins and nutrients! Fruits + Veggies can be used for salads, dinners and healthy snacks! 
  • If it’s bright white - don’t eat it! Think about wonderbread….super white sugar…these white foods are not naturally white, but were most likely bleached or colored WHITE in the processing procedure. This procedure “burns” out all of the nutrients from the foods...which leaves them “useless” because your body is not consuming any benefits from these foods.
  • Eat the rainbow! Don’t be afraid to try new fruits and veggies….you can’t really go wrong! When you go to the fresh produce section don’t just go towards what you know…..broaden your horizons and look for something new! 
  • Soda is not your friend. If you love soda...I get it! It’s super yummy. But it’s just not good for you, leaves you dehydrated and full of chemicals.. :( Switch to water, fruit infused water or naturally sweetened bubbly water like La Croix. 
  • Move your body daily! Your body was meant to move, stretch and sweat. If you are new to exercising, take it easy. Go for 20-30 minute walks at the end of your workday, go out in nature and enjoy getting away from technology. I love walking, biking, stretching, yoga and doing at home workouts! 

Detox Approved Foods

Here’s a list of our favorite detox approved foods, which are all super healthy and good for you! There are soooo many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you can make, the possibilities are endless!


It does NOT mean that you can’t indulge and have your favorite goodies, but we want you to have a mindset of treating your body with love, respect and kindness. If the foods that you are consuming are processed and full of chemicals, it won’t allow your body to have the clean slate and reset it needs!

There is no need to be “on a diet” while on our 30 day detox, all we ask is that you look at how you can add in a few new healthy habits...whatever that means for YOU! If that means that you are going to give up soda for the next 30 days….that’s AMAZING! Our recommendations are just guidelines...you need do what makes sense for YOUR current lifestyle! 

Detox Don'ts


Here’s a list of what we would try limiting during your 30 day detox!


Foods with processed sugars and saturated fats like cookies, cakes, white bread, and soda should be avoided as much as possible so your body can detox and reset. These types of foods can leave you feeling exhausted, bloated, and super sluggish. 


If you’re wondering….”Okay, so what do I eat instead?”, we have a few Healthy Recipe ebooks that you can download absolutely free!

Detox Approved Recipes

Detox Approved Recipes

Download Now
5 Day Smoothie Challenge Ebook

5 Day Smoothie Challenge

Download Now
5 Day Water Challenge

5 Day Water Challenge

Download Now

Last but not least, I wanted to make a downloadable Accountability Calendar that you can print out at home or use on your phone, to keep track of your progress on your 30 Day Detox Program! When you get your detox in the mail it DOES come with a small, 1 page calendar that you can place you on your fridge or at your desk….but this Detox Accountability Calendar is a daily check in and reminder….AND gives daily health tips! 


Detox Accountability Calendar


Detox Accountability Calendar
Download Now

Alrighty, now you have everything to set you up for success! I seriously can’t wait for you to feel incredible, from the inside out! 

If you have any other questions you can hit us up in the comments section of this blog, or comment / DM us ---> @teamiblends !

Adi Arezzini

Adi Arezzini | @adiarezzini
Co-Founder + CEO, Teami Blends
Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

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  • I have lost 14 lbs in the first 30-day challenge. I feel great. Maybe put the accountability calendar on one or two pages rather than so many. I was carrying it around with me and writing everything I ate all day as well. I love this.
    Thank you,
    Rhonda Warner


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