Getting Perfectly Smooth Legs! (Shaving guide)

Getting Perfectly Smooth Legs! (Shaving guide)

Whether you're looking to impress in your favorite skirt or wanting to settle into bed feeling buttery smooth, mastering the perfect shave is a must! So, we decided to step into our "big sister mode" and create a guide to help achieve perfectly smooth legs!


All Natural Smooth Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub

Step 1) Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. Before you even start with shaving, getting great results starts in your prep work! By using a body scrub you can brush away dead and dry skin cells which make your skin feel scratchier and disrupt your moisturizer from being able to fully soak in. We love our Smooth Body Polish because it's free from any irritating chemicals or artificial fragrances.


Pink Razor

Step 2) Change out your razer blade. Going too long without changing the blade of your razor presents more risks than missing out on a closer shave. You also run the risk of infection since older blades create more microscopic tears on the skin and can have small traces of rust or built up bacteria on them. 


Woman shaving legs with cream

Step 3) Now that you've got your legs prepped and your tools in order it's time to begin. Make sure you're using a shaving cream, balm or creamy body wash to help take some of the stress off of your razor and get a smoother finish!


Woman happily shaving legs in bathtub

Step 4) Shave down and then up if it's been awhile. While going against the grain will give the closest shave, if your hair has gotten a chance to grow out, you'll want to shave down first to minimize it's length before shaving up to minimize the chance of any cuts or skin irritation. 


Woman apply lotion to legs

Step 5) Apply body cream or oil right after showering! Make sure you use a generous amount to get that baby soft feel. We like to use of Natural Tea-infused Oils or Superfood Moisturizer for their additional benefits!


Step 6) Finished! Allow your moisturizer or oil to sink in and enjoy the baby soft feel of newly shaved legs!

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