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5 Incredible Beauty Benefits of an Overnight Sleep Mask

Sticking to an effective skincare routine should be as easy as possible – that’s why we’re introducing you to your new skincare BFF: the overnight sleep mask. No matter what kind of skincare routine you currently have, an overnight mask loaded with skin-loving nutrients will quickly become the secret weapon you swear by for glowing and hydrated skin every single day! 

What is an overnight sleep mask?

Overnight sleep masks are super-hydrating skin creams formulated with potent nutrients that hydrate, refresh, revitalize, soften, and smooth your skin. These masks absorb into your skin all night long so that when you wake up, your skin is super soft and renewed. You might see these masks going by other names too, such as “sleeping packs” or “sleeping masks.”

What does an overnight mask do?

Overnight masks work as you sleep, performing two basic functions. First, the mask serves as a barrier and blocks out dust, dirt, and other debris that might get into your pores at night. Second, it seals in nutrients from the mask that work alongside your naturally increasing cell turnover rate – a process that needs to run optimally for radiant skin (more on this below!). Because an overnight mask stays on your face throughout the night, it is important that you choose an overnight mask with ultra-gentle ingredients like the Teami Overnight Mask.

The benefits of using an overnight beauty mask outweigh those from a traditional night cream. Here are five major benefits of using an overnight mask to take your skin from drab to fab overnight.

Active ingredients work for a longer period of time

Most face masks are effective in just 10-15 minutes – so imagine what a mask can do when it’s left on your skin for seven to eight hours while you sleep! With more hours to work, an overnight mask has more time to beautify your complexion and restore your skin.

Accelerates cell regeneration

At night, your skin goes into repair mode. Your cell turnover rate increases and replaces dead skin cells with younger cells. This process is super important to slow down the appearance of aging. When this process functions optimally, your skin looks more youthful. Overnight masks support the efficiency of this integral process!

Protects against impurities

When was the last time you washed your pillow or your pillowcase? Unfortunately, your pillowcase and sheets can be a hot spot for debris, dust, and toxins. And if you share your bed with a pet, partner, or children, your skin is likely picking up dirt and debris from them that gets left behind on your bedding. An overnight mask helps protect skin from these impurities by sitting on top of the skin and blocking out any funky gunk that is hanging out in your bed, waiting to clog your pores. In the morning when you cleanse your skin, whatever it collects will be washed away.

Locks in moisture

Transepidermal water loss – or water that leaves the skin and evaporates from its surface – happens the fastest at night. An overnight mask helps much-needed moisture stay in the skin, helping limit dryness. These masks typically contain humectants (such as hyaluronic acid) that draw water in from the environment and replenish moisture levels in your skin.

Because of this effect, overnight masks are great for people prone to dryness! This is especially important as you get older, because hydration levels in the skin drop with age, and it gets harder to retain moisture. And if you live in a dry climate that lacks humidity, you probably know all too well how important it is to moisturize! People living in cold and dry climates during the winter months may also experience seasonally dry skin.

Locks in active ingredients

In addition to holding moisture in your skin, overnight masks also seal in the active ingredients that are working hard to nourish and revitalize your skin. For example, the Teami Overnight Sleep Mask contains powerhouse ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C. Niacinamide has an impressive roster of benefits, including helping minimize enlarged pores, improving uneven skin tone, softening fine lines and wrinkles, and strengthening the surface of the skin. With all that niacinamide does, it is essential to ensure it absorbs so it can do its job to improve your skin.

Meet the Teami Overnight Sleep Mask

Want to experience the incredible benefits of an overnight mask for yourself? Meet the Teami Overnight Sleep Mask!

We think of it as the superhero of your skincare routine, working hard all night long to ensure you wake up with soft and supple skin. If dull and dry skin is something you struggle with, give your skin a kiss of deep hydration with this mask!

The Overnight Sleep Mask is made with deeply nourishing ingredients that promote a youthful glow, including:

  • Niacinamide to diminish dullness and strengthen skin
  • Hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Broccoli seed oil floods skin with essential fatty acids for hydration
  • Apple extract supports natural aging and a youthful appearance
  • Antioxidants CoQ-10 and Vitamin C brighten dull skin and protect it

And all of these ingredients are super gentle, so you can use this mask every night. As the last step in your skincare routine, all you have to do is apply it like a regular night cream and wake up with brighter, more refreshed skin!

If you have never tried an overnight sleep mask before and your regular night cream isn’t cutting it, this simple skincare solution might be a skincare savior! It is super simple to incorporate into your current skincare routine and doesn’t take a lot of time either. So if your skin needs a big hit of hydration, give an overnight sleep mask a try.

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