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5 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge

Join the 5 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge! 

Welcome to the Teami Communitea! My name is Adi Arezzini and I created this 5 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge just for you! A few years ago I suffered from terrible digestive / stomach issues and that is what got me on the path of researching natural remedies, teas, herbs and superfoods!

Throughout my journey, I started experimenting with different foods, diets and methodologies. One of the healthy habits that has stayed consistent through it all is drinking a smoothie for breakfast every day before work! 

The 5 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge is simple:

  • Download our Ebook to get 22 Healthy Superfood Smoothie Recipes! 
  • Make a smoothie every morning for breakfast instead of your usual meal (or lack thereof). 
  • Check in with us on your social media and show us what you made! Tag @teamiblends #thankyouteami #teamismoothiechallenge

When does the challenge start?

We are going to start the challenge on Instagram on Monday January 6th, 2020 to Friday January 10th 2020! 

But feel free to join in at any time, even if you don’t start on Monday! 

You can also do this challenge on your own at any time, we just think it’s more fun when we all do it together!

three delicious smoothies

Let’s do this! 

I am so excited for you to do this 5 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge with me and the entire Teami Communitea and see how you feel at the end! 

As a Certified Nutrition Health Coach, I understand how important it is to get FRESH fruits, veggies and superfoods into your diet. Easier said than done, I know!

I personally believe that if you start your morning with real foods your day will be more productive, your energy will be elevated and you will feel more vibrant overall! 

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  • Yo Guiero bajar de peso

  • Let’s do this 2020 here I come!!!!

  • Dios es amor

  • So excited! My first time to try the teami blends tea and I heard a lot about it lately. Hope it would work for me as well. Will update you once I got my order. 😊

  • Want to blast my body with nutrients after the holidays . And hopefully loose some weight .

    Catherine De Nigris

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