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A message from our CEO and founder Adi Arezzini:

I wanted to start a company that could help everyone live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Early on I realized that not everyone could go vegan, gluten-free or join a Crossfit. The majority of individuals aren’t working out 4-6 times per week, or have a clear understanding of what they should be eating to reach their goals. Our team set out to create products that were simple, effective and that everyone could start using, no matter their current fitness or diet scene.

Our Teami products are uniquely designed to be a natural, simple solution to bodily issues that our customers are running into in their daily lives. Each blend is named after the BENEFIT (result) that you will receive once you start drinking Teami on a regular basis.

Our Teami Team is: enthusiastic, positive, silly and motived individuals that LOVE to help other people.

In our office you will find: team members wearing activewear to work, healthy meals, tumblers full of Teami or Protein shakes and the frequent dance parties to let off steam.

Important info to know: Each and every Team Member has an important role and responsibility in the company.

If you are ready to help others, be a true team player, have an important role in a company and love the place you work – you should apply!

To Your Health!

Adi Arezzini

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Why I love working at Teami

I have been working for Teami since the company started and I love it! I have been able to see it grow and work in various areas of the company, always learning more about our mission and about our customers. I love being a part of the Loyalty Team now, and helping to grow our brand and our reach! I am so happy to be a part of such a supportive team that truly want to see your succeed and grow!


I started May 2015 as an Intern for our CEO and have since then been promoted to Social Media Manager. I’m still learning new things every day! I am given the freedom to run my department with guidance from the CEO herself. Every day I look forward to coming to work because I know in my heart that I am making a difference in someone’s life. There’s no better feeling! The future is so bright here.


I absolutely love being a part of the Teami family! I actually enjoy coming into the office, and I’m surrounded every day with amazing people. I’ve learned so much since starting and have developed invaluable skills that help me with every new task I’m given. It’s so rewarding knowing I’m helping people change their lives for the better! It feels so good to be a part of such a positive movement.


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