Bridal Detox Program

Do you want to lose weight, reduce belly bloat
or just tone up before you wear your wedding dress?

Order my Bridal Detox Program

Forget starving yourself, our Bridal Detox program is the best way to achieve your goals in just 30 Days! 

30 Day Bridal Detox Program

Our gentle detox is an easy, 2-step program that helps you boost metabolism, raise energy, suppress cravings, reduce bloating and lose weight naturally! 

Is it hard to do this detox? 

It’s actually super simple!

Step 1: Drink our Skinny tea every morning in your gorgeous travel tumbler
Step 2: Drink the Colon Cleanse every other night!

Yes - you can still eat regularly - No skipping meals or starving yourself on this program! 

Why our bridal detox tea works

Remember all those times you’ve eaten pizza, donuts, or any other processed foods you have undoubtedly consumed? Well…the toxins from those foods actually stay in your body for YEARS. These toxins prevent your body from properly digesting and metabolizing food, which causes you to feel bloated and stops you from losing weight naturally. Our detox tea is specifically formulated to target & remove these toxins, which gets rid of your bloating completely, improves your energy and allows you to lose weight naturally! 

Order my Bridal Detox Program

What do I receive? 

Our Bridal Detox Program includes:

  • 30 Day Detox Program
  • Bridal Travel Tumbler, Pink or White 
  • Bridal Tea Infuser, Pink or White
  • Wedding Wellness E-Book


Wedding Wellness Workbook

  • Keep track of your 30 day detox
  • write down your bridal thoughts
  • count your wedding workouts
  • includes 30 Wedding Wellness Tips 

Start your Bridal Detox Program Today & get our Wedding Wellness Workbook absolutely FREE!