Motivating Before and After Squat Transformations

Summertime is on the horizon, and that means the perfect opportunity to show off all of those hours at the gym. A strong core and an amazing butt are two great ways to let the world know that you spent hours working on creating a healthy body during the winter.   Now’s your time to show it off. But, if summer crept up a bit too soon and you don’t feel confident that your lower body is ready to rock the shorts, perhaps the 30 day squat challenge can get you looking and feeling like you want. 

Squats are the ideal exercise for any lifestyle. They don't require any equipment (although you can add weights if you want for an extra challenge) and they don't command any space. You can easily do squats right at your desk!  They are the perfect exercise for someone that isn't big on the gym and is looking for an alternative that will bring the results they strive for! 

The Squat Challenge

Here at Teami, we love a good challenge, especially if it involves a healthier self like working out! The squat challenge is very basic—on the first day, you complete 50 squats and every day after, you add on more squats until you do 250 squats on day 30. Every fourth day is a rest day.  

You can do a basic squat, or add in different kinds of squats: narrow squat, kickback squat, jump squat, curtsy squat, oblique squat, etc. You can even add in weights if you desire. There are even squat challenge iPhone apps to help you keep track of your squat challenge and keep you motivated. 

It doesn’t take long for you to see a transformation in your body—all you need is 30 back-to-back days. The 30-day squat challenge is very popular in getting the butt and thighs that you want. It will definitely push you to your limits, but the rewards are endless.  

Not only will your body look better, it will also feel better. You will have more energy and your self-confidence will rise. This is a perfect pair with our 30 day detox, which works to cleanse your body internally, while this challenge will work your body externally! We literally cannot wait for you try try these two as a combo and see your #TeamiTransformation!

If you are ready to get serious about working toward having a body and motivation like Sia Cooper or Bella Falconi, then the squat challenge is for you. Don’t take our word for it—check out these real examples of before and after squat challenges!

1. Laura

Initially, Laura was doubtful that the 30-day squat challenge would work, but she was tired of the way her thighs and butt looked. So, she decided to give it a try.  A few days in, she thought it was too easy until her husband showed her the proper form. Then, she started feeling the burn. When Laura finally took her before and after pictures, she was amazed at the real and genuine transformation of a higher butt and more toned thighs.

Image Source


2. Kinzey Ray Model

Kinzey felt she was too skinny—people would tell her to eat junk food to put some meat on her bones. She didn't need to work out to get any skinnier. But, she wanted to put muscle on her body and feel toned. So, she did the 30-day squat challenge and got a fuller butt and more toned legs as a result.

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3. King Dixie from Instagram

Sometimes, when squats are a part of your overall fitness plan, you tend to remember them warmly. Instagram user King Dixie shares with us her #transformationtuesday photo. Her after pictures show toned hips and thighs.
Look at that smile—she loves where she is now and uses her journey as motivation.

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So what are you waiting for? Let's pop a squat and make the decision to work towards being a happier, healthier version of yourself! If you're someone who cant seem to get a gym schedule down or just need a different way to workyour body than just weights - squats are seriously for you! Sometimes lower intensity workouts like these can be more beneficial than pushing yourself at the gym because most times, people are not doing the exercises properly!

While you're starting the squat challenge, don't forget to grab your 30 day detox to help yourself stay accountable and on track during this journey! 

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