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Beauty Benefits of Using a Skincare Fridge!

When you're doing your night time skin routine, you should be grabbing your products from your fridge! Yup, you read that correctly - most of your skincare should actually be stored in a refrigerator! If you're a beauty guru and keep your skincare in a refrigerator already, or someone who doesn't think it's necessary - we're here to tell you why using cold skincare (thanks to a beauty fridge!) is seriously beneficial and something you need to start implementing into your routine! 

Many of your products - including masks, moisturizers and serums - don't have a very long shelf life or can separate. This is especially true if your products are preservative-free and all natural, like our skin line! These natural products are sensitive to light and temperate. Not only does storing products in a fridge help extend the shelf life of your products, it also helps penetrate your skin deeper and reap more benefits! Cold products have an extremely calming effect on your skin - especially products rich in aloe like our Butterfly Toning Mist

teami skincare fridge and products

Have you ever splashed your face with cold water when you needed to wake up? Cold skincare works in a similar way, de-puffing and cooling exhausted + irritated skin! Those of us with red and inflamed skin can seriously reap benefits from this practice because cold products work to combat the nerves that cause inflammation and irritation. 

Using cold items like moisturizer and liquid makeup in the morning will seriously rejuvenate and reinvent your mornings for the better! Do your morning routine, grab your morning drink,  and start your day feeling ready and energized!

So what skincare can you keep in this adorable little refrigerator?

Products To Keep Cold

Natural Products

Vitamin C Products

Moisturizers + Eye Cream

Clay + Sheet Masks

Toner + Mists

Liquid Makeup + Lipsticks

Topical Products

Nail Polish

There's a good chance you own most of those products and don't have them cold right now. So who's ready to skincare and chill? We are so excited to start using our favorite products cold and know you will be too! Goodbye to the days of storing your skincare in your kitchen fridge next to food, and say hello to this luxury marble baby! You can store it wherever you like to do your skincare + makeup - we've been loving it on our bathroom counter or bedroom! 

I'm Ready! Where Can I Get My Skincare Fridge?

Ready to grab your own skincare fridge? You've come to the right place! You all know we always make products with you in mind! That's why we created this beauty fridge because it's so important to keep preservative-free natural skincare products cold - like our entire skin line!

We hand-crafted a beautiful and luxurious marble fridge to step up your skincare routine! Here's why ours is so unique: 

Sleek Design 

Not only is our fridge aesthetic with a white marble glass front, it also has details like metallic finish and glossy finish! Most fridges on the market are only in neon colors - so get ready to get your aesthetic minimalism on! No shame in doing a #ShelfieSunday every week with this beauty! 

sleek design of the teami skincare fridge

Extends Shelf Life of Products

Did you know a lot of products can be sensitive to light and temperature? Keeping skincare products in a fridge helps them last longer and even be more beneficial - especially natural products like ours!

teami skincare fridge 

Stays Between 35-40 degrees

Cold skincare is so important to extending its shelf life- that's why this little baby gets to 35-40 degrees to perfectly chill your skincare essentials so every time you use them they're refreshing!

teami skin care fridge with skincare products


It doesn't matter what age you are - stickers will always be fun! That's why we included these adorable skincare stickers with our fridge so you can make your fridge so cute! The shelf is also removable if you have bigger bottles or need more space! 

fun stickers for Teami skincare fridge

P.S. You HAVE to DM us @teamiblends and send a pic of how you design your fridge! We seriously can't wait for the cuteness overload! 

Your Skincare's Newest Bestie

You may have never known you needed it, but once you get your hand on this baby you won't look back! Keeping your skincare in this luxury fridge is seriously the bridge between just skin care and serious self care!

Now let's give your skincare goodies the home they deserve! Don't forget, a skincare fridge is the perfect way to take the #shelfies of your dreams (you know, those photos you always see on Instagram of peoples skincare collections)!  Don't forget to add your Teami products in it, we think they would look really good in it ;)

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