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Most ‘About’ sections that I have read about companies go over their mission, the products that they sell and how they are changing people’s lives. Well - you already know what our products are, there’s a whole page dedicated just to that. If you’ve seen our Teami Motto - “It’s not just Tea, It’s a Lifestyle!” then you get our mission too! As for changing people’s lives, well, we believe through helping our customers live happier, healthier lifestyles we are truly making a difference. (And have thousands of customer testimonials to prove it)

But if you’re really going to get to know Teami…you should probably know something a little more personal about our company. Without naming names, I’m going to tell you how it all started.

Three best friends with three very different talents decided it was time to create a company that had true value. We were sick of seeing companies selling products to consumers that were completely worthless. Products that were supposed to have certain benefits and results, but didn’t. The idea of buying a product that doesn’t do what it promised - ugh! That just upsets me!

Anyways, back to our talents. 

Teami Founder #1: had over 7 years experience in blending high quality loose leaf tea mixtures, as well as graphic design and web development

Teami Founder #2: had over 9 years experience with computer programming, software development and web development 

Teami Founder #3: had over 6 years experience with management, warehousing / fulfillment, marketing, social media and customer service

Together, we each decided to create a little love child - and we named it Teami. 

We love writing blog articles about diet, fitness and beauty for all of you to read, videoing behind the scenes at our Teami HQ on snapchat, creating colorful and happy content for our followers on Instagram and always working on new and refreshing products for all of you to use in your daily routines. (Have you seen our gorgeous tumblers?! We’re obsessed.) 

But what’s our main love you ask? Regularly speaking to our customers / followers and providing best(friend) customer service to each and every one of you. Yup, all of you are our #bae’s . 

Today Teami is exactly what we set out for it to be from the beginning. An honest company that provides the best quality loose leaf tea to our customers and actually gets you the results you need and want! 

We just thank you for letting us share a bit of ourselves with you, every single day you drink your Teami.


The 3 Teami Founders