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Teami Matcha Bowl

Prepare and drink your antioxidant rich Matcha Green Tea in our handcrafted ceramic Tea Bowl.
Matcha tea drinking began in Japan in the 15th century and that is how the Ceremonial bowls started becoming popular! 100% handcrafted, this bowl is uniquely shaped to allow you to whisk a perfectly delicious cup of Matcha!
Available in 2 Colors: Pearl White / Pastel Pink
Order yours and enjoy a healthy cup of Matcha green tea, the traditional way!
  1. Add hot water to warm up bowl
  2. Discard hot water from bowl and dry with cloth
  3. Using a strainer, sift 1/2 - 1 tsp of Teami Matcha into your bowl
  4. Add hot water into bowl until it’s 1/3 full
  5. Start whisking using a zig-zag motion
  6. Continue until frothy bubbles appear
  7. Optional: add your choice of milk to make a latte!
Matcha Bowl Care: Hand Wash Only


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Great product for a great price!
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Love these Teami Matcha one for a Christmas gift to give!!
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