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New Year Kit

2018 is YOUR YEAR!
Are you ready to ditch those bad habits, make positive changes and live a happier, healthier lifestyle? GOOD. We are here to help you do it. ( And you know what? It's not going to be that hard! )
Whether you struggle with bloating, low energy, digestive issues, slow metabolism or feeling foggy throughout the day - we have a unique blend to help target each of those specific problems! Our Teami New Year Kit includes all 8 of our Blends to kickstart your lifestyle and set you up for success in 2018!
Our Teami New Year Kit includes:
  • Teami Skinny Detox
  • Teami Colon Cleanse
  • Teami Energy Tea
  • Teami Profit Tea
  • Teami Relax Tea
  • Teami Alive Tea
  • Teami Focus Tea
  • Teami Bloom - NEW
  • Teami Tumbler - Green, Large 600ml
  • Teami Infuser - Green
Full Retail Price: $259.99
New Year Resolution Price: $169.99 - you save $91.00
Get our New Year Kit while you still can! Limited Quantities Available
Additional Brief Summary of each product:
Teami Skinny Benefits:
  • Boost your metabolism, Start burning stored fat, Naturally raise energy levels, Suppress cravings naturally
Teami Colon Benefits:
  • Reduce bloating, Detox your internal organs, Improve skin complexion, Flush out harsh toxins, Fix digestive issues
Teami Alive Benefits:
  • Increasing Energy Levels, Relieving Muscle Pain & Inflammation, Purifying the Colon, Detoxing of the Kidney & Liver, Decreasing Migraines
Teami Profit Benefits:
  • Strengthen the immune system, Anti-aging properties, Improve blood circulation, Promotes soft and even skin complexion
Teami Energy Benefits:
  • Naturally boosts energy & metabolism, reduces cravings, enhances productivity, no crash.
Teami Relax Benefits:
  • Calms muscles & nerves, promotes sound sleep throughout the night, reduces insomnia
Teami Focus Benefits:
  • Improves mental clarity, increases focus naturally, enhances production, no jitters / crash
Teami Bloom Benefits:
  • Satisfy your sugary cravings with your newest, lightly sweet blend! Includes rose petals & real dried fruit
Teami Tumbler:
  • Drink your Teami on the go, BPA Free Double Layered Plastic, Keeps Tea warm for up to 4 hours
Teami Infuser:
  • Drink your Teami at home with our silicone leaf infuser


Reviewed on by Morgan D Leighton
Love the idea of this but i wish you'd have them available more often at least put them on sale with enough time to get them before new year to start the detox on time.
Reviewed on by Sleepy
Awesome way to try all of your products! I also wish you do more of these bundles with your large tumbler and letting us pick the color.
Reviewed on by Ebony
I wish u can pick out your own color cup נŸ˜×. I have two green cups but I love the deal
Total 5 reviews
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