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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Natural Solutions to Sweeten your Colon Detox Cleanse


I am in LOVE with the taste of the Teami Colon tea - it has just the right amount of bold and earthiness that really gets my taste buds saying “yum!” but it may not be for everyone! That is why I have decided to make a short video for you so that you can get some additional tips to making your Teami Colon that much more delish. 

Put your white sugar away! I’m giving you all natural tips to sweeten your Teami!

One thing that was really important to me was making products that not ONLY taste great but have the best quality ingredients out there AND had health benefits that you cannot find anywhere else - you are all just too important to me to give you anything less than the best!

That is why I like to let everyone know that this blend in particular has a purpose. The purpose of the Teami Colon is to rid the body of toxic waste, get rid of that painful bloat and remove the barriers to your weight loss. Other teas may only focus on the flavor but we wanted to give you both! A taste you can enjoy and health benefits that you can see and feel.

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