Matcha Milk Frother

Matcha Milk Frother

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Make a perfect green matcha latte with frothed milk in just 20-30 seconds!

Our automatic, stainless steel frother is the perfect accessory for our matcha latte lovers! Make a perfect green matcha latte with frothed milk in just 20-30 seconds!
Matcha Frother Features:
  • Deluxe Stainless Steel Construction - that means that both the main body and frothing wand are constructed from high-quality stainless steel! That way it won't break, rattle rust or stain like other lower grade, plastic models.
  • Perfect Creamy Consistency - make your matcha latte just the way you like it, every single time!
  • Speed - 20-30 seconds to make your perfect frothed milk!
  • Automatic - That basically explains it! Just turn on your matcha frother with the touch of one button and it does all the work for you! All you need to do is hold it in your cup!
  • Easy to clean - Just hand wash or put your frother in the dishwasher while you daydream about your next matcha latte.
  • It's Itsy Bitsy (Well, it's compact) - Our frother is designed to fit in any kitchen drawer for easy and convenient storage!
  • Multi-Purpose - you can use your frother to whisk your matcha tea, whole milk, soy milk or any nut milk of your choosing!
  • Hot & Cold - perfect for hold or cold beverages!
  • Hand carved Matchami Logo
Watch our video on how to use our Matcha Frother to make a perfect matcha latte, every time.
*Two Triple A batteries required, not included.

Real Customer Reviews

by Megan Tabor

I purchased this when I purchased my first bag of matcha last month in January, and I love this thing! It is so handy and convenient! I just heat up my milk, use this to froth it in 30-60 seconds, and ta-da! I would recommend this for sure, and it is a fair price!

by Brandi T.

Works perfectly

by Abigail B.

The milk frother was what I had been looking for!!


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