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MatchaMi Shaker

Are you a Matcha drinker? Or soon to be Matcha drinker?
Good. Then you’re in the right place.

If you love the amazing weight loss and energy increasing benefits of Matcha Tea, then you’re going to want to know about our new Matcha Green Tea Product.

Our Matcha Shaker Bottle allows you to make & take your Matcha Tea on the go.
We created this bottle for the busy bee that wants to live a healthier lifestyle, but needs the perfect solution on how to drink Matcha on the go!

You can now drink your Matcha on the go with our beautiful and convenient Shaker Bottle:

  • BPA Free
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Clean, Gorgeous Design
  • After shaking, remove the lid and use it as a cup to drink your Matcha
Essentially, there are only 3 steps for you to follow.
Make, Shake and Take!

*You can also use our Shaker Bottle to make any other beverage or powders.

BPA Free Plastic
Stainless Steel
Using our Matchami Shaker is easy! Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Place 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of Matchami in your shaker
  2. Add hot water
  3. Screw on lid tightly
  4. Shake, shake, shake for 1-2 minutes, preferbaly holding our shaker horizontally
  5. Remove lid and place it upside down to now be used as your cup
  6. Pour your delicious matcha into the cup and enjoy!
*You can also add your choice of milk in order to make it a latte!


Reviewed on by Jackie Franklin
I wrote the first and only review on the Matcha powder last week. LOVE the concept of the cup. Use it ev'day at work BUT it got stuck after a few days. Even had the guys try at work to open it. I think with the heat of the water and some spilling over the top didnג€™t allow me to unscrew. It wasn't until the next morning I was able to get it open. Wasted a spoonful of Matcha but ok. Reached out the team and they are sending me a new one, sent an email and maybe 15 min later I got a response with some promo codes so ordered another tumbler and 3 more teas.This is my 4th order. Wish there was a way to see everything you have ordered in the past. Much better than flat tummy tea IMO. Customer service on IG is amazing as well. I feel like they reply to everyone. So back to the cup, love that itג€™s on the go. The whisk and everything else seems like WAY to much work for someone that works 7 am to 5. Cup is seamless. I really like the company as a whole. I believe in what it does. Tried Alive tea and jury is still out. Waiting on the profit and relax to come in. Do love the 30 day detox!!!

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