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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Honey vs Sugar


So what’s the difference?

White Sugar:

Traditional white sugar can increase risk of certain diseases, increase weight gain and is hard for the body to digest. ( which can leave you feeling exhausted and bloated )


Natural Honey contains vitamins, minerals and you can use a smaller amount of honey, but not sacrifice any sweetness!

Have you ever had a sugary frappe or soda and noticed about an hour later that you're more tired than you were before? This is because of all the sugar loaded into these types of drinks! At first, it can make you feel awake, but the crash comes soon after this. 

That's why we created Teami Honey Spoons! They're the perfect healthy substitute to traditional white sugar and dissolve in hot water in just a few minutes!  Simply place one in your mug or tumbler, stir and enjoy. :) 

Take your honey spoons in your purse, gym bag, or anywhere on the go! They sweeten up any beverage, without all the negative side effects of sugar! 

Really have a sweet tooth? You can even use our honey spoons as a healthy lollipop alternative!

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