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Holiday Tumbler Inserts

I’m sick of Christmas... said no one ever!

If we could have it our way, we would have Christmas themed everything! We were inspired to make a product for our Teami Communi(Tea) that would incorporate holidayvibes, but would also remind you to put down the eggnog and pick up your Teami Tumbler! 

Our Limited Edition Teami Tumbler Inserts allow you to customize your tumbler, your way, every single day! 

Includes our 2 festive designs:

  • Candycane Delight
  • Sleigh All Day 

Give your Teami Tumbler a Holiday Makeover in just 4 simple steps!

1. Take off the protective cover off of your Tumbler Insert

2. Unscrew the tumbler outer shell with the Teami logo to reveal its’ inner tube

3. Place your insert inside the clear outer shell with the Teami logo

4. Now that the insert is inside your tumbler, just place the inner tube back inside of the outer shell and voila!


Happy Holidays, Teami Communi(Tea)! We can’t wait to see all your decorated tumblers this season!

*Holiday Tumbler Inserts come in 600ml sizes

*This is a Limited Edition Item, once it goes out of stock - that’s it! 


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