Fat Burning Citrus Ombre Detox Water

Want to make a delicious and easy fat burning detox water for those hot days summer days? This recipe has only THREE ingredients that are packed with fat burning properties and it's super easy to make! 

So what makes this detox water so powerful? It's three fruit ingredients are bursting with benefits that you don't ant to miss out on! Not to mention, this water is so delicious you'll want it all day. This will seriously get your water intake up by sweetening it naturally and making it yummy if you aren't a big water drinker. Drinking water boosts enegy and aids in your overall health! 

  • Lemons: helps support weight management, and aids in glowing skin!
  • Oranges: packed with Vitamin C!
  • Blood Oranges: helps fight off inflammation!

You can make this yummy drink in your favorite color Teami Tumbler, or if you want it for the week you can whip it up in your Teami Pitcher! It really helps to use the pitcher and always have some on hand to pour! 

Citrus Ombre Detox Water


Blood Orange



1. Cut up all of your citrus fruits

2.  Stack orange, lemon, and blood orange slices to get a gorgeous ombre look!

3. Add water, let sit for 10 minutes and enjoy!

Check out how to make it in this video! We also have lots of yummy recipes and detox waters to try if you love this one!

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