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Yup! We are passionate about using only clean, natural ingredients that we trust to put on our own skin. We blend natural herbs, clays, salts, sugars, oils and butters to make our tea infused skincare products perfect for you. :)
First of all, congrats on your little bundle of love! When you are pregnant or breastfeeding your body is going through some major changes and no two women are the same. These blends are considered safe while pregnant, but you should always consult with your doctor regarding the ingredients to ensure it is approved for you:

- Teami Skinny
- Teami Relax

If you are breastfeeding:

- Teami Skinny
- Teami Relax
- Teami Nursing

P.S. if you are interested in any of our other blends, just show the ingredients from the website to your doctor and get their approval!
Yay! You have one of our cute Teami Tumblers and we can't wait for you to take it with you everywhere you go! Here's a quick how-to on how to use it!

1. Remove the lid + strainer, then add your tea into your tumbler
2. Add hot water
3. Add strainer + lid to close
4. Pop your lid open to let steam out and prevent pressure build up

Disclaimer: Be sure to always allow your contents to cool for 3-5 minutes before fully closing your mouth-piece as pressure build-up can cause the lip to pop open, spilling contents. Never shake or turn your tumbler upside-down when contents are hot or warm - this can cause even more build up and cause the lid to potentially pop off. The tumbler is meant to be durable but keep in mind that heat causes pressure. leave the mouth piece open while extremely hot or steaming so that the heat can escape.
Our Teami Loyalty program is a way for all of our communitea to get involved with our brand, get the word out about our products to friends and family while earning commission, points and free product rewards! Being a loyalty member means you want to truly help and motivate other people live a happier, healthier lifestyle!

FYI: Loyalty members get exclusive access to NEW not yet launched products, recipes and so much more!
Yes - it does. If are ordering from a country that does not have the same USD currency as the United States, your bank could possibly convert the US dollars into whichever exchange rate that you are in. The price is always the same on our website, but we just want our customers to be aware that if they are ordering from a different country, it will convert to your currency!
Our Teami infusers are used to create a clear, smooth cup of tea! Not only are they super adorable and come in 5 colors, they are also useful and easy to clean! Just put a teaspoon of Teami into the strainer ball and close the infuser. Place it in your mug and add the hot water!

We highly recommend having a Teami infuser to get the full benefit of the Teami Experience!
Yay, we LOVE our Retail Partners! If you would like to sell Teami in your retail store please fill out the application form on our Retail Partnerships page. You can also contact [email protected] to start the approval process of your store!

We recommend that while you are on the Teami 30 Day Detox you should take a break from coffee. Drinking coffee while on the Teami 30 Day Detox can dehydrate you and cause you to have too much caffeine in your system. The Teami Skinny will provide you with so much energy that you won't even need coffee anymore!
We have 13 amazing blends of Teami to chose from! The only Teami blend that has an age restriction is the Teami Colon. The Teami Colon creates a mild laxative effect and we recommend that you get parental permission before purchasing it if under the age of 18.

You can also try our other blends- Teami Skinny, Teami Energy, Teami Profit, Teami Relax, Teami Chai, Teami Matcha, Teami Boost, Teami Bloom, Teami Refresh, Teami Nursing, Teami Focus and Teami Alive!
Yes, when you start detoxing you can definitely experience cramping as the body is trying to rid itself of all the toxins. It gets better once it is all out of your system, so stick with it! I also recommend steeping the Teami Colon for 1-2 minutes then REMOVING the bag from the mug, and that will create a much more gentle effect!

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