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I am amazed with this product. I never thought it would work so well but I feel so much more confident! I started at 155 lbs and was able to complete 3 detox cycles and I am now 135 lbs! I continuously drink the skinny every morning when I am not doing a detox and it keeps Me from feeling bloated and suppresses my hunger. I love this product and am going to continue to puchase it
Marnie H.
This tea is awesome!
Joy M S.
I love it, so far I have lost 14 pounds, and these teas taste so good!!!
Diane O.
absolutely in love with the detox and it’s only the end of day 4!!
mma K.
Shockingly good - and even more so, it works. 100% absolutely worth the money.
Meghan C.
Love this product!
Joy M S.
love the tea its got a nice flavor did not think id like it as i am more a green tea or tea with milk drinker.
Jessica S.
Exactly what I was looking for!! I wanted a detox that was natural to help rid my body of toxins after i quit smoking and I not only found that in the Teami Detox, but also an extra aid in my next adventure in weight loss!! I found I had more energy and suppressed hunger to avoid late night snacking or poo snack choices in general!! Getting ready to start my next 30 day round and am super excited!! Thank you so much Teami for giving me the boost I not only needed but wanted!!
Gina Zabala
Loving everything about it!! I have enjoyed add Teami Tea Detox to my daily routine it has brought nothing but great results!!
LOVE the 30 Day Detox!!! My energy and metabolism increased, my cravings were drastically lessened, and my stomach bloating and digestion was about as good as it's ever been before. I can't wait for round two!! Thank you, Teami!
Rebekah I.