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I loved these! I have a lot of intestinal issues from multiple surgeries, Teami really helped with my issues and wasn't some quick fix. I feel great!!
Sara U.
I absolutely love this. I am down 14 pounds in one month! I am going to do the profit, and then detox again.
Raelene A N.
I was hesitant about starting this tea since I tried multiple teas in the past and I did not have any results. I have completed the 30 day detox and I have to say I love this tea. I can't have enough of it. I just got my second pack this week. The first thing I noticed was that I was not craving coffee. For someone that is used to drink 8 cups of coffee daily, I went down to maybe one cup to none a day. I am less bloated, my appetite went down. I have lost 7 pounds while on this tea. This results are with no changes in my diet. I know if I add exercise and eat better my results would be better. I am very happy with my results.
I have enjoyed the tea detox so far =) It all tastes good, and makes the whole process easy to achieve. Results are coming along. I would definitely do this again!
Sarah Lynn R.
I loved the results I got from the 30 Day Detox. I noticed less bloating, and lost 8 lbs YAY
Carolyn H.
Teami has been working amazing. it has reduced my hunger/ anxiety and it keeps me regular, my stomach its not as hard and bloated as it was before i started the Detox program.
Brenda S.
So far so good about 15 days in
Kristina R.
Never a disappointment!
Alicia K.
I absolutely love the Teami Detox 30 day pack. I'm on my second one right now. I lost 6 lbs within the first few weeks of the first detox pack. I hand't realized how so much of the wight I had gained was all from bloating and water retention. I feel much better.
Carolina M.
Great item
Precious M.