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This is my first time doing the detox pack, I have done the colon cleanse alone. And I received amazing results. Without working out I lost 5 pounds. And I never felt bloated which l loved and that's why I am back on the detox. Also I would consider myself a tea drinker, except I always add lots of sugar or honey. I've found that I don't have to add anything to the skinny or colon tea, they taste so good on their own which I was pleasantly surprised. I started drinking the colon tea with honey, but when I ran out of honey I tried it without it and tasted just as good.
Emma Barriga
The teami detox package is a very good investment I would recommend it to anybody and it’s not just their tees that are amazing they have very good customer service !!! Thank you teami!!!
I have tried many teas and many differenet detox programs this is one i can do its easy tastes great and inexpensive too.
Diana Flores
I am only a couple weeks in but I am loving the soft energy I am getting. It’s not like the glittery energy you get with coffee. This tea has made transitioning from coffee very easy. I do feel clear minded as well as a decrease in my appetite. The main reason why I feel it is working is because I am breaking out a bit on my face. So I know that these toxins are trying to escape. Today I just used my detox mask to help with that and it truly felt amazing. I love knowing that my body is ridding of harmful toxins in my journey to better health. I am anxious to complete the 30 days to see a difference in belly bloat but I do feel lighter already. I’m eating a very clean plant based diet right now alongside the tea so I’m expecting some pretty great results. I’m getting a month jumpstart on most peoples New Years goals!! Why not?!
I am enjoying my first cup of Skinny tea. I am pleasantly surprised how delicious it is! It's the perfect cup of tea first thing in the morning!!! Very happy with it and needs no sweetener!
This is seriously a life changer. I was a coffee and energy drink addict. I have 3 kids under 5 so I NEED energy throughout the day. The skinny tea gives you SO much energy and definitely helps get rid of bloating. The colon tea works wonders also. I'm on my 3rd week and down 12 lbs. Cant wait to see what doing a second round will do. Definitely a forever customer. Thanks Teami
Veronica Garcia
I love this detox! It helped me become more regular. Compared to other teas I love the taste of this tea!
Mariah Woodson
I have been on the detox plan for about 2 weeks now, and I definitely have noticed a difference, not only physically but mentally. I don't have as many cravings and I do not feel as bloated. It has helped with my Coffee addiction as well. My family and friends have also noticed a physical difference.
I just finished the 30 day detox and saw really good results. I'm going to continue with the second round of the 30 day detox and can't wait to see more results.
I'm loving this Tea ! Works so good the way they say it does. Ull start to notice right away on feeling less bloated and the energy you feel throughout the day. I lost 7 lbs I couldn't do it without teami skinny. Thank you teami (: so recommend !!!