5 Pre Workout Meals To Fuel Your Body

What you eat before a workout is so important because that's the fuel that will make whatever workout you're doing successful! Hard to digest foods like processed foods, heavy grains, etc. should not be what you reach for! 

So when it comes to needing a pre-workout energy boost, I enjoy a few tasty treats to get my energy level boosted, naturally. We put together a list of exactly what you should and shouldn't eat before your workouts! 

What you SHOULDN'T eat before you work out:

Leafy Greens

We know - you're probably wondering why you shouldn't have this healthy food before a workout. Greens are so good for you because they are packed with nutrient and fiber. Because of this, the fiber in these are super hard to breakdown, causing discomfort during exercise.

Whole Grain Bread

Bread is loaded with carbs - because of this, the complex carbs in whole grains are a lot for the body to process. 


Legumes like lentils, black beans, and chickpeas are loaded with both fiber and the carbohydrate “raffinose” — a combination that can induce bloating and discomfort through your workout. 

What you SHOULD eat before you work out:

Banana and Peanut Butter 

Besides being deliciously satisfying for anyone who loves sweets & peanut butter, this snack is one of my favorites! Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy, and bananas are nutrient-packed carbs! (Yes, fruits are carbs!) Slice up half a banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter and enjoy it 30-40 minutes before your workout.


Consuming a fruit smoothie before exercising is a healthy pre-workout meal option that can provide you with a good source of fast-acting glucose. They’re super quick to make, just use your favorite sliced fruit, milk of your choice, and any protein or supplements you would usually add! We love to add Teami Greens to ours- it contains 16 green superfoods in just one scoop! Thats your daily veggie serving and serious body fuel. You can checkout these three yummy recipes to try out!

Energy Balls 

Awesome pre OR post workout snack option! These have a little natural sugar, giving you the “satisfied” feeling for “sweet treat indulgence” but also supply the body with the energy it needs to perform at its best. There are endless varieties 

making this by adding your favorite fruits, peanut butter, etc! You can check out the recipe for these super easy no-bake Energy Balls on our recipes page! All you need is oats, chia seeds, almond butter, maple syrup, pure vanilla extract, pink salt, and chocolate chips!

Make sure you FUEL YOUR BODY, giving it the proper nutrients to get you through your workout. If your body isn’t fueled properly, it won’t perform at its best, and can leave you feeling fatigued, tired quickly or lead to a possible injury. You want your body to have enough NUTRIENT-BASED calories to let you power through your workout, so make sure you eat BEFORE you workout, (at least 30 minutes before so you can allow the nutrients to digest) and AFTER your workout… Your body will thank you later!

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