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Teami Tea Tumbler

Take your Teami Anywhere!

With your Teami Travel Tumbler you will be able to brew our yummy loose leaf tea in minutes and while On-The-Go. The Teami Tumbler is Double Layered which keeps your tea hot without burning fingers and cold drinks cold without messy condensation. Easy to clean and easy to use, the Teami Tumbler is a great accessory that tea lovers can not live without!

Here are some extra tidbits about why our one of a kind, Teami Tumblers are pretty amazing:

  • No Mess, No Spill - Our tumblers are the best way to drink your All-Natural loose leaf tea and tea bags without spilling or creating any mess!
  • It's Heat Resistant - Our Double Layered Walls and Durable BPA Free Plastic tumblers will ensure that you never ever burn yourself!
  • Perfect for Hot & Cold Beverages - Our tumblers have multiple uses! You can use it to drink hot tea, coffee, juice, detox water, infused water, smoothies and more!
  • Let's be Honest, It's Gorgeous - Drinking your Teami in our gorgeous tumblers will have your friends and family asking you all about it! The bright and beautiful colors make a fashion statement everywhere you go!

Take Mi to work, gym and everywhere else you go!

We have two sizes available to choose from:

  • Original Tumbler - Volume: 13.5oz / 400ml 
  • Supersize Mi Tumbler - Volume: 20oz / 600ml
Additional Tumbler Description & Functions:

  • Double Layered Walls
  • Easily Removable Mesh Insert 
  • Sports Flip Top 
  • Additional Bottom (Secret) Compartment to hold tea, vitamins, snacks and more!


1. Open the top of the tea tumbler and remove the mesh insert.

2. Measure the desired amount of Teami Blends loose leaves tea into the Teami Tumbler (we suggest 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea). Add honey, nectar or lemon as a natural sweeter if needed.

3. Pour hot water into the tumbler until it reaches approximately 3 cm below the rim. Apply the mesh insert and screw the lid onto the tumbler. Allow the tea to steep for the desired length of time.

4. Add lemon, mint or cinnamon sticks for an added metabolism boost (if you want!) and ENJOY!


Reviewed on by Zii
AMAZING! I just got mine today and I'm already in love! I have an enormous cup collection from ALL different brands, and this is by far the BEST cup I've ever used for loose leaf teas. So easy to clean and use and I'm just so impressed!!! Lifelong customer forever!!!
Reviewed on by Cindy
Love my tumblers (blue & Blk) are my favorite but i wish they made a special edition to add to the collection, maybe a Gold Sparkler =) Loving my TeaMi Tea and I never leave the house with my 600ML Tumbler. Thank you TeaMi
Reviewed on by Candace Serrato
Love these tumblers! Love the colors, the look, just the whole concept of them! I have a black, blue, pink and just purchased a purple one 5minutes ago lol they're really the reason I first purchased Teami. You can take them anywhere and match your outfits with them also נŸ˜
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